Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The first one who agrees to actually read Boone's Cowboy and will to tell me what they think of it by telling me what part they liked best will get a free copy sometime after 12:01 Friday morning. Of course I will need an email address and your choice of format.
Anyone thinking to pirate the book, I pay good money to have someone search out, seize, and destroy you.
Have a great day.


  1. I will read Boone's Cowboy

    1. I need your email address so I can get you a copy of Boone's Cowboy and what format you need.

  2. Thank you Rita. If you want to email me your email address I will get you a copy of the book. Also let me know what format you would like it in. My address is Bellannsummer@

  3. Well I already read it and would have replied but had already preordered the book. It was great by the way. I love how there are multiple stories going and you include the whole team and not just one couple. I especially love the epilogue teasers. Looking forward to Spencer's story.