Saturday, May 9, 2015

Good Saturday Morning!
Its a known fact at my house that I'm always just a little behind on getting my newest story to the publisher. It seems as if the moment I get ahead something happens. Again I'm trying to finish Rescue for Hire 9, (Please forget that I vowed to stop at book 5, these men keep whispering in my ear about their lives) and I feel it should have been done last week, but wasn't.
Today I had a lovely surprise. Bike Book Reviews has a feature that asks authors what books they are reading. Ms. Stormy Glenn, (whom I'm sure you all know as she is one of the biggest most popular authors in the business) was interviewed. She almost gave me a heart attack when she revealed she was reading my books. She had many awesome things to say. I knew she like them as she contacted me and told me. But this was a wonderful surprise.
If you'd like to see the article at Bike Book's here is the link.
Have a wonderful weekend.

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