Granite County

We met the Sheriff  Steve in Rescue for Hire, now find out what happens in his county. 

Granite County 1 - Dominated and Claimed

County Sheriff Steve Titan is a hard, dominating man who demands submission and rules. He’s been watching Haley Kenyon for months and even though he is seventeen years older, he has decided to claim the little beauty as his own.
Haley grew up in an abusive drug den, but worked hard to graduate college early and lands a job teaching four-year-olds. He may be small, but he has kicked many men to the curb when they couldn’t give him what he needs in the bedroom and a relationship.
Now that he has gained the sheriff’s attention, can the big guy handle an over the top snarky mouth and attitude? Can Haley handle the spankings when he pushes too far? Oh, then there are the whole issues of dirty cops, an old shed everyone is interested in, and the fact that Haley refuses to sleep in a bed 

Granite County 2 - Controlling His Men

After a tough week, including both of them getting dumped, Department of Criminal Justice agent Dean Titan and Granite County Chief Deputy Creed Darnley blew off some steam with sex that turned into a relationship. Things are good, yet not exactly great, and then they are kidnapped.
Before Granite County Medical Examiner Job Nicolson could come to terms with his fears of kinky dominating sex, Dean took up with fascinating Creed. When he heard about them being kidnapped and hurt, he heads to the hospital to take a chance and care for both of them.
For care to turn into love for these three, Dean and Creed have to first recover from the extreme torture they endured, and let Job into their hearts. Not to mention gun welding assassins, stalkers, an election, and finding a place to live that accommodates all their jobs

Granite County 3 - Adjusting To The Situation

One big Native American and one smaller blond cop meet on the dance floor, have a rendezvous in a storage closet, and the next day discover they will be working together. What’s one of the first things Synn Romeo and Craig Collins do? Find another closet.
What’s the second thing they do? Try to figure out who is mutilating and killing blonds. Help the County Sheriffs take down the man who has taken over the underbelly of illegal drugs and guns. And fall in love.
What’s the third thing they do? For Synn, it’s finding Craig when he’s kidnapped. For Craig, it’s surviving the kidnapping in one piece. Then the two discover the joys of life, like caring for Craig’s pets, Pete and Lola, and honoring Synn’s heritage in a special ceremony. Granite County has never harbored such evil before. It’s a good thing love always wins when men find themselves adjusting to the situation. 

Granite County 4 -Vowing To Be His Hero 

To release the pain after his big brother’s death, Cooper Collins started cutting himself. After trusting the wrong guy, Cooper barely escapes with his life, but somehow manages to get to his twin brother.
Bishop Clark has been asked to do many things over the years, but when his mercenary teammate asks him to pick up a cat and bring it to Granite County, this is a new one. Bishop is known for two things. His nickname, Mr. Saint, and liking his men, small and blond. Cooper is tiny, blond and even without being able to talk has Bishop’s insides twisted in knots seconds after meeting him.
Pink orchids start turning up everywhere Cooper is. The more Bishop investigates, the more this ex-mercenary’s beliefs in honoring vows made and loyalty are betrayed. When the ex-boyfriend finds Cooper, it takes every one of the saint’s fighting skills to kill the snake. 

Granite County 5 - Progressing With Storm 

A wedding brings Storm Donahue to Granite County. Saving Corey Casey from a burning house leads him to meet Kris Winters. One act of heroism brings the three together and attraction explodes.
Corey returns to his on again, off again boyfriend, after hearing Kris has been attacked. This time he isn’t given a warm welcome. Instead his selfish wants may have damaged the relationship beyond repair.
Kris is never enough for his boyfriends. He tries, but the last one thanked him by taking a knife to him. When Corey returns, trust is gone and frustration abounds.
Meeting Kris and Corey has made Storm’s life complete.  He’s more than willing to help them progress to forgiving each other and growing into a solid unit with him. But a firebug’s in town. Kris suspects it’s one of Corey’s exes, but the signs point elsewhere. As the three burn up the sheets, someone’s burning up the city. And of course Ralph’s watching everything.


Granite County 6 - Contemplating Life's Surprises

Ex-mercenary medic, MD Smith struggles with PTSD. He knows working at a clinic or hospital is impossible. Meeting his boyfriend, Dominic’s, five kids turned into a disaster. Hope came in the form of a trip to Alaska, until a man from his mercenary days showed up on his doorstep and his life became one surprise after another.

Zeke Wentz knew MD was his, the first time he saw him dressed in black and covered in face paint. Getting together between MD’s missions and his MP duties turned into a futile effort. Now, they are both civilians, and Zeke will stop at nothing to claim what is his. That is, until he sees MD and Dominic Naess in the same room. MD has some decisions to make. He will need to recognize what his heart is telling him, before it’s too late. Whoever is vandalizing MD’s vehicle is about to take it to a new level.

Granite County 7 - Loving Laser's Lost Boys

Helping out friends, Laser went in search of hard partying Holt McCoy and Daniel Powel. His mission turned personal when he saw the two sharing a scorching kiss. Taking them home was easy. Keeping them, turned out to be another matter.
Holt used drugs and alcohol to forget the agony of watching his beloved mother lose her battle with leukemia. But no matter how hard he tries to find love, in the end he’s alone.
After being kidnapped and tortured, Daniel had two options. Feeling sorry for himself at being stuck in a wheelchair or go out and have fun. His choice had his mind floating out of his body to the hard beat of music. His soul found its other half in Holt. Laser came along, and proved he needed a third. It was too bad Daniel and Holt couldn’t get this relationship thing right and kept getting lost. They needn’t have worried, big, bossy Laser always found them.

Granite County 8 - The Long to Revelation and Adoration

Brady Keystone survived being shot, a fire, and rebuilding his bakery. A date with fire chief and widower, Dominic Naess, represents hope in a sea of pain and money problems. Wrong, big-time wrong. Sure, he shouldn’t have done the twirling cartwheels with Dominic. Turning around to find Dominic gone, sucked. Hiring Sam brought wonderful support. Maybe he could have love and crawl out of his massive debt.
Dominic screwed up by ditching Brady. Marrying, and having a family to attain his life goals smacked him in the face after the ecstasy of being with Brady. Somehow, he had to regain Brady’s trust.  Meeting Sam became a bonus and a chance at a dream triad relationship.
Undercover agent, Sam Mallard, is investigating a possible drug trafficking operation at the local bakery. Debt equals desperate measures in his book. Falling for Brady and Dominic weren’t part of the plan. Revelations almost kill. Adoration becomes the hero in this tale of deceit, suspense, and love.


  1. This looks like its going to be another great series i have already read book 1 and book 2 is next on my list.

    I love your books and just buy them without reading what they are about because i just know i will enjoy them so thanks for the pleasure you give to me with your books

    1. Thank you Irene. That is one of the nicest thing someone has ever said to me. As a writer I try to take you away from the world for a little while.

  2. thanks Bellann your books certainly do that for me as i live alone and unable to go out my dogs and books i enjoy make my life happy

  3. Will Granite County 8 The Long Road to Revelation and Adoration be published on Amazon for Kindle? I am not familiar with your books, and a friend of mine was looking for that book, I just noticed it was on Bookstrand. Thanks!!

    1. It takes about 4 weeks for a book to reach Amazon and other 3rd party outlets after its published at Siren/Bookstrand. I would look for it at the end of February.