Thursday, May 14, 2015

Tomorrow Boone's Cowboy will be released at Siren. Am a little nervous, always am. It's short but sweet with a lot of action and a bit of scary drama for one of our original Rescue for Hire guys.
Thank you in advance for those who decided to try my story. Its always greatly appreciated.

Welcome back to Rescue for Hire, where heroes go after who they want and keep them.
Boone Ryder and Flynn Wakefield meet at a gay nightclub and hook up, only to reluctantly part ways the next morning. When Boone is hired by Rescue for Hire, he is totally pumped to see Flynn working on a remodeling project for the company’s owner.
One laid-back older cowboy, with the jealous hired hand, meets a younger electronics and bomb specialist, who is an adrenaline junkie. Age knows no boundaries with the red hot attraction between these two. Do we have a happily ever after? Not until we deal with one of our favorite team members getting devastating health news. Then there’s the mall shooting, horrible flooding, bombs about to go off, and Flynn being attacked by a bull. Two men discover a whole new world when Boone meets his cowboy

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