Lubirea Mai

Lubirea Mai- Romanian word - Meaning beloved, but more.

Lubirea Mai 1 -Never too Old to Live Again

Stephan Analdo likes to watch the world go by from his front porch. At seven hundred years old, he is a male cougar shifter who is set in his ways. He is a loner, who fights for what he believes in, and leaves if he doesn’t like something. When his mate moves in next door, his world is totally rocked on its axis.
Todd Jacobs is delighted to be able to buy the only place that felt like home, of the many childhood houses he has lived in. Imagine his surprise after spending the day working in his new yard, a one hundred fifty pound cougar knocks him to the floor.
See what happens when a cougar shifter finally finds his human mate and the mate keeps wanting to talk. See what happens when a human is mated to crabby cougar shifter and he won’t explain anything about the shifter world.

Lubirea Mai 2 - Council's Agent

When human Riley Buchanan's best friend faced going to the cat council's headquarters to spend a week trying to create a child with a stranger, they decided running was the only answer. What he hadn’t counted on, was being tackled to the ground by a gigantic lion in the middle of their escape.Fate smiled on lion shifter Samuel Craydon when it gave him human Riley Buchanan as a mate. Except Riley hates the council and Samuel is a council agent. After a lot of talking and loving Riley seems to be coming to terms with Samuel’s responsibilities. But when Samuel’s brother finds out Samuel has mated a human, he sends him on a mission, setting him up to fail. How is Riley going to react to the council representative's bigoted hatred, and when Samuel is punished for an assignment gone wrong?

Lubirea Mai 3 - The Arrogant Representative

Is it better to die than to fail at your duty? Simon Craydon has been taught by his father that it's his duty to keep his superior lion shifters true blood pure and strong. Unfortunately he wasn't taught the most important part of being a mate. When his mate turns out to be a human, he comes up with a plan. Then his big brother comes to town. It will take some time for him to recover from his brother's "advice", and his stubborn mate from Simon's plan. Love or duty, can Simon figure it out in time? Human Jessie Bailon is helping out at his sister's restaurant when he steps in and deals with a difficult customer. Jessie has no idea how his life is about to change after he's kidnapped and his release depends on a kiss. How can anger, hurt, forgiveness, giving birth and a curse take Jessie from a true nightmare to a dream come true?

Lubirea Mai 4 - Finding Conn's Happiness

Leaving the local hangout after a much needed drink, tiger shifter Conn Caspian senses the bloody man stumbling down the street is his mate. Taking him back to his ranch, Conn is delighted with his murmuring little wolf. But danger is coming.Wolf shifter, Aisley Matthews, is on the run after managing to escape his father and the enforcers. Hoping to find a place to hide in a small town, he comes across his mate in the huge tiger shifter Conn Caspian. Trying to do the right thing by leaving doesn’t work when the connection of their souls and Conn’s dominance has Aisley succumbing to the big cat’s mating rituals. Confrontation is coming, and rituals that can kill need to be dealt with. Magic and turmoil abound for these two, yet through it all love blooms and Conn finds his happiness. But, can he keep it? 


Lubirea Mai 5 - If Only Loving A Cheetah Were Easy

What if you were at the bottom of the pile in the big cat world? What if it had gotten so bad that if you were unmated there was an open invitation to have you for lunch, and not in a pleasant, get to know you kind of way? Cheetahs run fast for a reason. For a cheetah, the best matings were with the mighty lions or tigers. Of course, fate chose human, Silver Armstrong, not a protective cat, for Tye Curry. That was typical for his luck in life. But what a human he is.
Silver Armstrong has chosen to wear leather, ride a Harley, and hang out with like-minded, rough bikers. Rescuing a small man fleeing four blond attackers, who turned into lions, wasn’t quite the evening he had planned. The changes of his body after he mated Tye Curry wasn’t what he expected. The love of a cheetah shifter was everything and more that he needed 

Luberia Mai 6 - Brooms, Duct Tape, and Kittens

Human Ronnie Lantess is no one’s hero. He isn’t even moderately courageous. He delivers mail during the day, and at night watches television or hangs out with his biker friends. Life takes a dangerous turn when shifter tiger agent Maksim Andrichuk throws him over his shoulder and announces they are mates. How is a terrified Ronnie going to cope?

Shifter Maksim Andrichuk is the law, judge, and jury for the big cats. He executes his decisions with cool, calculated, power. Meeting his mate was a dream come true. Finding out that Ronnie turns into a shaking mass of fear during violent situations is a nightmare for a man whose duties include claws, blood, and death. For the first time in four hundred years Maksim is at a loss of what to do. Someone or something has to change, but who or what?


  1. Just finished it and really enjoyed it. It was a great read. Would really like it if you had a list of WIP or more character teasers for this series.

  2. Thank you Laura, I'm glad you enjoyed the story. If you look to the far right of the main page, you will see a WIP tab. Lubirea mai 2 has just been accepted and I have been working on Lubirea mai 3. I will start to show my progress on that soon. There will also be a Lubirea mai 4, I have started that one also. They are all big cats. Then a couple of vampires will have their story. Of course this is subject to change.My muse always has the last say. Thank you again, I always enjoy hearing your opinions. on Lubirea Mai

  3. I saw that. but I am greedy. I wanted names. NAMES, Lady! :) :) :) :) :) BTW - cute squirrel interview.

  4. Hello,
    Great story <3 I'm looking forward to your next releases from this series ^.^
    I have a question though. Why did you choose to write the title like that: Lubirea mai? Is it a play on the romanian words: Iubirea mea [My love] or something else?

    Thank you in advance for your answer :)

  5. Yes Rosa, it did comes from the Romanian words meaning my love or in English the closest interpretation is beloved, yet more. These shifters live a long time and I thought an old word from a very old country would be fitting. Thank you for the question.

  6. Again a great read love the series so far looking forward to more in the series

  7. Thank you Irene. Next is Conn's story in an Anthology with Lynn Hagen, Stormy Glenn, and Marcy Jacks.

    1. just read Conn's story in the anthology and enjoyed it i loved the characters Aisley and Bug and wondered if there will be a follow up for the brothers getting together with their men

    2. There is no plans at this time for a story featuring Aisley and Bug.

  8. I just finished reading RFH/CAR/GC (awesome BTW) and was going to read Lubirea Mai. I haven't read any of the books and was wondering where "FInding Conn's Happiness" fits. Is it after the other three books or somewhere in the middle? I'm sort of OCD about reading order.

    1. I would read Conn's story after the rest so you are familiar with the Lubirea Mai rules

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