Crazy Angle Ranch


The Men of the Crazy Angle Ranch 1 - Tyler's Transformation


Since Tyler Hayward was three years old he has been pushed into sports. When he showed promise in baseball, it became his life. When he hit the pros, it became all about his image. He even committed the ultimate betrayal of the one he loved to present himself as “normal”.
Until the night it all became too much and he had to break away or end it all. But his freedom is short lived as life throws him a another curve when a car runs a red light and he is forced to fight for everything he has ever known. 
Graham Conner has been watching Tyler for the last couple of weeks and has decided that there’s more to the baseball player than what the tabloids report. Taking him home to his ranch, the kinky cowboy shows Tyler that baseball isn’t everything life has to offer. And Tyler finds he loves every minute of it

The Men of the Crazy Angle Ranch 2 - Xavi's Wild Ride 


Xavi Diaz is on the run from his family. They want to send him to a retreat to “cure” his gayness. Hiding out at his grandfather’s best friend’s ranch, he meets Trace Griffin. Xavi has been watching the huge farrier, but his extreme shyness prevents him from getting any words out. When Trace offers him a job, he’s determined to not only speak to the man, but to get up close and personal.
Trace loves his job placing himself under two thousand pound animals shoeing their hoofs. He loves riding his big black motor cycle at high speeds. And he would also love to take Xavi into his bed for more than his usual one night of fast and rough.

Can an extremely shy man, raised in a very religious family take on a bad boy who likes living on the edge? Does he even want to? Watch Trace break through Xavi’s walls of protection and watch Xavi teach Trace patience.

The Men of the Crazy Angle Ranch 3 - The Farmer Takes the Cook and the Formane

Zaiden Moore was late for lunch, no big deal. Except the new cook took one look at his red hair and blue eyes and ran out of the room. What’s a man who loves to grow produce and grains going to do? Run after him, of course. What farmer doesn’t worship the sun?
Adam VanPeterson shut down all emotions after the World Trade Center disaster too everything he cared about. Now he has fun and then moves on. He’s had his eye on Zaiden for years, but until the pretty cook arrived, he was never going to act on his attraction. Can Elliot, who radiates sunshine and warmth, draw the man in black into the light? Elliot Fisher promised to be open to love if it came his way. Somehow he didn’t think the promise included not one, but two handsome, huge, gorgeous men who keep kissing him every time he turns around.

The Men of the Crazy Angle Ranch 4 - Paulie's Protector

Paul Weber has a good life, until a stalker has him running. After a botched attack leaves him terribly injured, he finds himself on a plane to the Crazy Angle.

Nolan Clark is the mechanic of the Crazy Angle. Even though he is painfully shy, he finds himself standing in a crowded airport waiting for an injured man. Paulie appears, sick and hurt, and yet to Nolan he is the most beautiful man he has ever seen. All of his protective instincts come out and at six-seven, with muscles on top of muscles, no one is getting near Paulie
The men of the Crazy Angle ban together to fight a rich man, who is desperate to keep Paulie for himself. Unfortunately they suspect someone on the ranch is a traitor. Sometimes newfound love needs a lot of work and a little luck to fight evil. Especially for a quiet shy man and a man who is scarred inside and out.

 The Men of the Crazy Angle Ranch 5 - Callum's Love 

Ryan Timmons has lost every job and relationship because of his klutziness. He reached a new low when his father had to call in a favor for him to work at the Crazy Angle Ranch. 
Callum Leeman refuses to be topped from the bottom and breaks up with his boyfriend. Within five minutes of meeting Ryan, the man manages to trash two rooms, yet Callum is intrigued.
A dying horse is dumped on Crazy Angle land and veterinarian Callum is shocked by what its injuries imply. When Callum’s fears are confirmed, it is Ryan’s ingenuity that saves the day and many horses.
This story includes saving a man’s life, the conclusion of a woman we all love to hate, and Callum’s ex-boyfriend, whose words of acid have a devastated Ryan walking away from love. Never fear, fathers are here to save the day. 



  1. when are we going to get more crazy angle ? what about dees and stan or steve and merrick?