Thursday, December 13, 2018

Today, Leo's Pet (Rescue for Hire) is the snippet for today.  Everyone wants to be seen or noticed.
This story features a hip injury. I know all about hips as Mr. B has had an artificial hip for many years.
When they were still together, each morning Leo and his ex-lover would laugh at the pictures of all the beautiful men and women always clustered around him at every social event he had attended. They laughed because if anyone had bothered to look closely, in the corner or in the background of every picture, was his real lover. It was amusing back then, reading all the articles of the pretty peacocks thought to be gracing his bed, when in reality it was the plain little man everyone overlooked that really held his attention. 
That had always been the type of man Leo was attracted to. Others overlooked these special people, but Leo was captivated by them. Unfortunately, he had been too obsessed with his career and too busy to take the time to keep his last lover. Leo had vowed that he was going to change his life completely and find the one for him.
This time he would devote himself to that person instead of his own selfish interests. He had found out the hard way that things didn’t make a person happy, people and feelings did. He just hoped, as his heart continued to beat erratically, that he wasn’t too late in his discovery.
The other reason that made all of the claims and press releases ridiculous was that he would never be with any of those people sexually. He was a Dom. He controlled his lovers in and out of bed. His subs would never put themselves out there for the cameras or tell private details.
Unfortunately these determined four had shown up and were circling him for the kill. It had been a relief when Tony’s teammate had intervened. Now that was one scary dude, but Leo had been delighted with the way the four leeches had run out of there.
Now that they were gone and he was alone again, Leo noticed the brown-haired man standing next to his table. He must have followed the scary dude over, so that meant he was probably one of his cousin’s teammates.
 “Would you like to sit down?” he asked.
The guy looked startled for a minute, then nodded and sat down at the table across from him.
“Hello, I’m Leo DeLuca.” Leo reached his hand across the table to shake the smaller man’s hand. “Alex Taylor.”
Alex briefly shook Leo’s hand. From the look on Alex’s face, he must have felt the same zing of awareness that had zipped up Leo’s arm.
“I haven’t met all of my cousin’s teammates yet. Who was the scary dude?” Leo asked, trying to put Alex at ease. 
Alex frowned. Wouldn’t you know exotic Treb, with his small, lean stature and long black hair, would catch the man’s attention? Even one on one he didn’t stand a chance. It kind of pissed him off. “That’s Treb. But he’s taken. And even if he wasn’t taken he thinks you’re an asshole.”
Leo’s eyebrows rose at his bluntness. Instead of looking angry, a curious expression passed over his face.
“Are you angry with me, Alex?” he asked.
Alex put off answering by taking a few swallows of his beer as Leo continued to patiently wait for an answer from him. It wasn’t in Alex’s nature to be nasty. He didn’t even get angry much. But he had wanted the man to see him. Except now that he had Leo’s undivided attention he didn’t know what to do with it.
“Alex, I am waiting for an answer.”
Leo’s voice had an edge in it that had Alex’s submissive tendencies standing up and surrendering.
“I um, I just didn’t want you to think you had a chance with Treb.”
Alex was completely off balance by now. He found he couldn’t even raise his eyes to meet the other man’s. If he wasn’t careful, he would embarrass them both by kneeling at the man’s feet and calling him Sir.
Leo sat back and enjoyed the picture in front of him. With Alex’s head lowered, Leo could only see the top of his shiny brown hair. But he remembered pretty light brown eyes with green flecks and smooth skin, with a few freckles dancing across his nose. He knew most wouldn’t notice all that but to Leo, this man’s looks were everything he was attracted to. He also saw the wide width of Alex’s shoulders under the baggy flannel shirt and he suspected once he removed it there would be at least a six-pack as his prize to explore. Alex was starting to fidget at the lingering silence. So Leo decided to put him out of his misery.
“Alex, I’m not interested in Treb. I was just trying to put names to the faces of Tony’s teammates.” Leo saw the tension immediately flow out of his shoulders as Alex heard his words. He was just going to ask the man if he was free the next day when Alex’s phone rang.
“Yes, boss?” Alex answered after checking the screen.
“Alex, get your gear. We have two missing children that were last seen near a sinkhole that just opened up. The authorities aren’t even sure if both are in the sinkhole. We should probably take Bud just in case. Be here at the house in fifteen.” 
Alex ended the call and looked up into Leo’s deep brown eyes. He couldn’t stop himself from admiring that thick wavy black hair with a few gray hairs decorating his temples.
Pulling himself away from the growing attraction he was feeling, he said, “It was nice to meet you. Sorry I was rude. The team has been called on a mission and I have to go.”
“When you have finished that mission, I want you to call me and let me know you’re safe,” Leo instructed and held out his hand for Alex’s phone. Alex watched his hand automatically giving Leo the phone. With a few presses of the buttons, Leo handed the phone back.
Then the bigger man stood up and went around the table and waited for Alex to leave his chair. When Alex stood up, their height difference was less than he would have thought. Leo had such a presence about him, Alex had assumed he was as tall as the boss at six five. But the man only stood about three inches taller than his own six feet.
Leo laid his hand on Alex’s lower back and, with a slight pressure, had him walking before him to the front doors. As Alex walked out of the hotel with Leo, he decided the man with his huge commanding presence could be five feet tall and would still be able to order everyone around him.  Once they were outside, Leo asked, “Which truck is yours?”
“How did you know I drove a truck?”  “With your job, a truck makes sense.”
“Just over there.” Alex nodded toward the end of the row of vehicles parked next to the building. Alex headed toward his truck, Leo’s hand never leaving his lower back, making that spot tingle. Once he reached the driver’s door, he hit the open button on his truck key, lights flashed, and the door unlocked. Bravely he turned toward the other man, valiantly trying to come up with some sort of good-bye.
Unfortunately he wasn’t exactly sure what he was going to say.  Suddenly the back of his neck was cupped in a firm hand, and he was pulled into a strong embrace. Warm lips encased his and a tongue invaded his mouth, not asking permission but demanding entrance. Alex melted. This was what he craved. As his tongue was sucked into the other man’s mouth, he felt pre-cum wet the inside of his boxer briefs.  Then the tongue withdrew, and the lips left his. Opening his eyes, he looked into deep brown eyes that held dominance and passion.
“Tell me you will call me once the mission is over to let me know you’re safe,” Leo ordered.
“I’ll call you,” Alex managed to croak out.
“When you get back, we’ll talk,” Leo stated.
Alex noticed that Leo’s words hadn’t formed a question, but made a statement. And again his submissive tendencies, as well as his cock responded.
“Okay,” Alex answered. 
Then Leo opened Alex’s door and he climbed into the truck. Before he could close the door, Leo stepped up to his side and pulled his head down for a quick kiss. Releasing him, Leo stepped away and shut his door. Alex met Leo’s eyes through the glass and knew, for the first time in his life, someone really saw him.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

I've been known to surprise my readers with some storylines. I think my first surprise came with
today's snippet. I had included it in an epilogue of another book. I believe my readers thought Creed would end up with someone else, and so this took them by surprise. Controlling His Men (Granite County)
Investigator Dean Titan from the Division of Criminal Investigation and Chief Deputy Creed Darnley stalked down the main street of Granite City. Both were beyond angry after having spent the last four hours sitting at the station, listening to a couple of dipshits from the Department of Justice explain how former Pine County Sheriff Sullivan Bechard had escaped from custody.
In unison, they stopped walking in front of the On Tap bar. Dean indicated for Creed to go first and then followed. The place was dark, smelled of stale beer, and still had the stench of cigarettes from when it was still legal to smoke indoors.
Sliding onto a stool next to Creed, Dean pulled out a couple of twenties and laid them on the bar. Old Byron Smith filled two glasses with beer on tap and set them in front of the still-fuming men. Dean nodded to the money in front of him. Grabbing one twenty, the older man walked back to the old-fashioned cash register in the corner.
“I have to say, this whole week has been fucked up,” Creed said.
Dean’s eyes followed Byron from the register, back to the bar where he set his change on top of the remaining twenty and walked away.
“Yeah, I have to agree with that. This week started with a kick to the ass, and now this shit with Bechard,” Dean said, glancing at Creed.
Creed took a deep swallow of beer, his tan Adam’s apple bobbing, drawing Dean’s eye. Turning his head, Creed caught Dean staring at him. To Dean’s surprise, Creed stared back. Okay, this was new. Dean broke the moment by picking up his glass and drinking half of the beer down.
“Didn’t you have a big date with Aaron Leeder from the community center this week?” Creed drank the rest of his beer and indicated with his glass that he wanted another.
Turning to Dean, he said, “Oh, yeah. In the middle of dinner, the guy who owns the bicycle shop came over and accused Aaron of stepping out on him.”
“You’re kidding?” Dean laughed.
“Hey, it wasn’t funny. All the while those two were arguing, they kept getting closer and closer, until they were practically plastered together. I finally got up and left.”
“What did they do when you got up?” Dean asked.
“Nothing, they didn’t even notice,” Creed complained.
“Yeah? Well, I went into the hospital to see Job on Monday. He was on call all weekend, so we hadn’t seen each other.” Dean took a moment to empty his glass and gestured for a refill. “The attraction between us is out of this world, but Job has a few hang-ups, you know? I thought we could talk about it and maybe work things out.”
“Hang-ups?” Creed asked. His dark eyes were traveling over Dean’s face and shoulders.
“He claims real men don’t submit to sex the way I like them to. He said what I want isn’t natural,” Dean answered.
 “I thought the only rules in the bedroom were the ones the people involved decided on,” Creed stated.
Dean watched Creed take another drink of beer and wondered if his lips were as soft as they looked.
“Hey,” Creed said, getting Dean’s attention. Mischief danced in those dark eyes. “It sounds like we’ve both had a shitty week. My apartment is two blocks from here. You wanna go blow off some steam? I like unnatural.”
Dean blinked. Smiling, he looked down at the prominent bulge behind the zipper of Creed’s pants, and back up into the handsome man’s face.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

I've enjoyed going through my stories. They are bringing back the writing vibes. By the end of the year, I think most writers are a little tired. There is so much to do with adding on the holidays and
end-of-year stuff to our regular writing time.
Today's snippet is The Council's Agent (Lubirea Mai). I remember while writing this story, I loved the freedom of the paranormal world. The only boundaries are those in your mind.
Katherine’s graceful figure glided across an unadorned yard of a plain square white one-story house. Riley hurried over the short grass of the lawn trying to catch up, only to see Katherine’s shadowed form disappear around the back corner of the house.
Riley was about five feet from reaching the corner when a small thud made him look to his right. Huge claw-tipped paws followed by the massive mane-covered head and monstrous body of a lion were coming straight at him. The next second Riley was knocked to the ground landing flat on his back. Like any self-respecting man who had a considerable amount of weight lying on top of him, Riley took a few seconds to regain his ability to breathe again, shallow though it may be. Then Riley started to fight.
Lifting his hands, he went to push the lion’s head away, only to have his fingers sink into the silky depths of the animal’s thick mane. Grabbing hunks of hair he frantically tried to move the enormous face that was just inches from his own.
Instead of backing off, the beast opened its mouth wide, showing Riley long, pointed snowy-white teeth. Hot waves of air flowed over him as a deafening roar shook him to his very depths. Desperately, Riley decided that now was a good time to pass out. It had always been his wish that when it was time for him to die, that it would happen in his sleep. Since he wasn’t currently asleep and he was ninety-nine percent sure he was about to die, being passed out cold was the next best thing.
Unfortunately, a wide-awake Riley continued to lie on the soft grass with his eyes squeezed shut and his hands still immersed and tangled in the lion’s mane. The weight of the over warm furry body on top of him was becoming uncomfortable and heavy.
Riley braced himself and waited, anticipating the feel of the lion’s razor-sharp teeth tearing into him. Nothing happened.
Drawing in as deep of a breath as the large body on top of him would allow, Riley manned up and opened his eyes. Yellow eyes peered back down at him as he returned the great beast’s stare. Then Riley felt his eyes widen as far as they would go, and he emitted a low wheeze as the big cat opened his mouth, and a rough tongue swiped up over the side of his head and tangled in his long brown hair. It took a while for his heart to slow down from the near miss of being lion food, but now Riley’s brain was starting to kick in. The reason he was in this town and on Puma Lane in the first place came back like a bright neon light blinking in the darkness. And then he thought about Katherine’s secret.
“Get off me, cat,” Riley ordered.
The lion didn’t move. His relentless gaze continued to study Riley. He knew what the cat saw. Riley had a mass of thick curly brown hair that almost reached his shoulders. His eyes were a dark gray with thick black slashing eyebrows over them. He had a straight prominent nose, and Katherine claimed kissable plump lips. Riley wasn’t sure about that, but he did try to keep a five o’clock shadow that was so popular, to make him look more rugged.
“I know what you are, so like I’ve already told you. Get the hell off me,” Riley said.
The next moment Riley had a huge, muscled blond man on top on him. When the man rolled to his feet, Riley’s relief was short-lived as it became apparent the man was naked. Then the stranger reached down and easily picked Riley up and threw him over his wide shoulder.
“What the hell are you doing?” Riley demanded. “Put me down.”
A sharp crack sliced through the air and hot pain bloomed over Riley’s ass cheek.
“Quiet, mate,” the lion-man ordered.
Riley froze in shock. He knew what a mate was. The man had better be wrong because Riley’s plans were to disappear with Katherine. When a shifter found a mate, it was all-consuming and forever. Riley couldn’t be part of that. He had to find Katherine and they had to get out from under the cat council’s radar.
Riley started pounding on the man’s back and kicking his legs. Those actions resulted in his ass clutching tight and becoming red hot when more painful slaps landed on it.
“Knock it off, baby. If I have to stop and put you over my knee, I will.”
The infuriating man kept walking.
“Please, you have to let me go,” Riley pleaded. “I have to find Katherine.”
Riley’s feet touched the ground and large hands held him tightly by the shoulders.
“Who is Katherine?” the man demanded.
Looking up into the shifter’s gorgeous face, Riley had trouble answering. Intense hazel eyes were probing his soul, looking for answers and causing all of his thoughts to scatter in the wind. A sudden need to wind himself around the delicious sea of muscles before him had his body trembling.
Riley’s shoulders were shaken roughly, making his teeth chatter together. “Answer me now. Who is Katherine?”
Riley brought his hands up to catch his balance and they landed on the man’s hard chest. His fingers had a mind of their own and began sifting through the soft pelt of blond hair that covered the wide plain of muscles and golden skin. One hand released his shoulder and his chin was lifted, forcing his eyes from the wonder before him, only to be captured by that intense hazel gaze.
“Don’t make me ask again.”
“Katherine is my friend. I was following her when you tackled me,” Riley answered.
From behind him, he heard the roar of a lion and the howl of a wolf. Riley frowned when the skin on his face and arms tingled with little zings of electricity and the air all around him thickened, becoming heavy with something magical.
The man still holding his chin chuckled, making the hair on Riley’s neck stand straight up. “I don’t think you will have to worry about your friend. By the smell and sound of things, Katherine is going to be busy for at least the next couple of weeks.”
 “Katherine just found her mate, didn’t she?” Riley asked.
Most of Riley was happy for his best friend, but a part of him hurt for the loss of their closeness. Katherine had explained that when one found their mate, their whole world became just the two of them. Riley knew that meant he was now, once more on the outside.
“As you did, my baby.”

Monday, December 10, 2018

Happy Monday! Let's start the week with a little Treble. What to say about this character? He is a favorite of many readers. He has popped up in many of my stores, giving out advice on frou frou
words, and giving his unique point of view. I believe I could write a couple of more books on Treb and they would be welcome. His son and new daughter are an interesting idea for a story. Have a wonderful day.
 Treb knew the pilot was watching him again. A person would think the guy would be too busy flying the plane, but it looked like he was one of those who could multitask. Treb wasn’t sure he trusted a multi-tasker. They always seemed to have an ulterior motive.
The guy was sure nice to look at, though. He was about a half foot taller than Treb. In his opinion, that wasn’t too tall. Damian’s hair was the same color as a horse in Treb’s favorite book from his childhood.
When Treb had been a little kid, every night he would sit on his mother’s lap in an old wooden rocking chair. Together they would look at picture books and read stories. It was their time. One night they were looking at a book filled with pictures of horses. On one of the pages he had seen the most beautiful horse.
He pointed to it and asked, “What color is this one?”
“That color, my darling, would be called chestnut. Isn’t that horse beautiful with all of that shiny reddish brown hair? It looks so soft,” his mom had answered.
“Yeah, it’s beautiful,” he replied.
He had felt his mom kiss the top of his head then. They had spent the rest of the night looking at the horse book and then his mom had put him to bed. Treb always thought his mom was the coolest. Damian’s hair was shiny like that horse’s, too. Absently he wondered if it was as soft as it looked.  Treb had to admit the guy’s eyes were fun to watch. They were blue with a hint of green in them.When that punk at the hotel tried to make him dance, Treb had seen Damian’s eyes turn from blue to sparkly green. Treb figured that green meant Damian was getting revved up about something. Although he didn’t know why the man would get upset, he had handled it just fine.
Treb had to admit he had been disappointed when Damian had turned him down for a fuck. He was Treb’s favorite type, with the whole wide shoulders and muscled chest thing going on. Add in the small waist and tight ass, and Treb really wanted to strip his clothes off and explore to his heart’s content.
 Now that was an unusual state for him. He didn’t stick around long enough with a hookup for any exploring. That always made things messy, and not in a hot, sweaty sex kind of way. He so did not do that whiny emotional crap.
According to Bret, Treb needed to start talking to people more. In his twenty-eight years of life, he hadn’t seen the point of all that “getting to know you” shit. If a man had an itch, he scratched it. It worked for him.
 Except now, tall, fine, and chestnut had turned him down. Maybe since he had nothing better to do he could find out why.
Damian watched Treb stand up and make his way out of his corner to the seat next to him.
“Hey,” came the greeting.
“Hey, yourself.”
Damian knew he had to let Treb start the conversation. Then he would make sure he enjoyed it enough to come back for more. Except now, neither of them was saying anything. 
After a few more moments of silence with Treb just sitting there looking out the window, Damian was second guessing his strategy.
Finally Treb spoke again.  “When we get back home, do you want to fuck?”
Treb thought it was worth a try, but by the sudden slump of Damian’s shoulders, maybe not.
“Nope.” Damian wanted to howl and scream in frustration. But by digging deep into his military training, he managed to keep his patience.
“You like flying airplanes and helicopters?” There, that sounded like a halfway decent question. Bret would be proud.
 “I’ve always wanted to be a pilot and hope to keep flying until the day I die,” Damian answered, silently willing the man to keep going.
“Is there anything else you like to do?” Man, he was getting good at this.
“In my free time I like rock climbing, snow skiing, and zipping around in my ultralight plane.” Damian wanted to see if anything pricked the man’s interest. He held back a smile at the bright curious look that lit up Treb’s face.
“You have an ultralight? I have always thought it would be a riot to try one of those. What’s it like?” Treb asked.
 “The weather is supposed to be pretty good tomorrow. If you wanted to come over to my house, we could go up for a while.” Damian said a silent prayer that the man would say yes.
“Really? Is there enough room for the both of us?”
“It’s a two passenger. There’s room,” Damian assured him.
“Okay. What time?”
“I have some things that need to get done in the morning so just after noon would be good.”
 “Sounds good.”
And just like that the two had a date. One of them was oblivious and the other was fist pumping in his mind.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Today's snippet is Adjusting to the Situation (Granite County). This one contains a bit of adult content, so if that isn't for you, quit reading.
The story line in this book actually jumps between Rescue for Hire to Granite County. I know it
became confusing for some, so I try not to do that again. Although my characters do and I'm sure will always jump from series to series.
This snippet isn't Synn and Craig's first meeting, but it's where things were settled.
Finishing the order form, Craig hit the confirm button and closed out of the site. Standing, he valiantly tried to ignore Synn’s arm brushing against his body.
“Let’s go find you a couple of shirts,” he said. His plan was to continue to talk nonstop and hope Synn would cooperate and keep things impersonal. In a professional tone of voice, Craig started getting Synn familiar with their department. “Of course we are in what we call the bullpen. All the desks have interconnected computers. The investigators have their own, while the deputies kind of find one and stick with it. The storage closet is this way.”
Craig was relieved when Synn followed him and hadn’t said anything more about them needing to talk. They ended up being stopped by each deputy who proceeded to introduced themselves to Synn. Craig was impressed. Synn remembered each officer’s name and treated them with respect. Craig had heard stories of Chief Deputies in other counties letting the  position go to their heads and treating their underlings like personal slaves. Those counties ended up having a high turnover rate.
Finally they made it to the storage closet. The second Craig entered the decent-size room, the tiny hairs on the back of his neck stood straight up. Tension radiated through the air and Craig instinctively knew he was in deep trouble. Hands enclosed around his shoulders and forcibly turned him to face an angry Synn.
 “Why did you leave last night?” Synn demanded, leaning over until their faces were only inches apart.
“Why would I stick around so you could give me the brush off,” Craig countered.
“I did no such thing. I bought you a beer,” Synn said.
“You wouldn’t look me in the eye. When I asked if you had been in town long, you gave me some vague bullshit answer. There was no way I was going to stay around and listen to you give me the, it’s been fun but, speech,” Craig replied angrily.
Craig’s head snapped back when Synn gave him a little shake. “I was watching what I perceived was a drug deal taking place behind you next to the dance floor. I was not brushing you off. In fact I was going to ask you to come back to my hotel room for the night.”
Okay, that changed things in Craig’s mind. Except now they had a different problem. “I guess it’s a good thing that I didn’t go with you, as you’re my superior now.”
Craig pushed away the stupid pain he felt when he said that statement. Synn’s dark brown eyes studied him so intently Craig couldn’t stop his feet from shifting around.
Finally Synn said, “Come on.”
With his hand caught in the trap of Synn’s large hand, Craig was pulled out the closet, and into Steve’s office suite before he could put up any kind of objection. Synn ignored a stunned Jane, Steve’s loyal secretary, who watched wide-eyed as Synn stalked past her right into Steve’s office.
“Sorry to disturb you,” Synn said, pulling Craig up to stand next to him.
. “What’s up, guys?” Steve asked, looking up from a pile of papers on his desk.For a second, Craig though he saw the sheriff smile. But he must have been imaging things.
“Is there any county or departmental rule concerning law enforcement officers dating each other or being involved in a relationship?” Synn asked.
“What?” Craig exclaimed.
Was the guy nuts? A blow job did not mean they were dating or in any of this relationship thing Synn was talking about.
“Quiet, baby,” Synn ordered. Craig could feel his blood pressure rise and his face flushing in embarrassment. The man had called him baby in front of the sheriff.
The sheriff cleared his throat and said, “Um, no. There are no rules about relationships between employees, although I would appreciate it if you kept it somewhat professional during work hours.” Biting his lips together, Craig’s irritation ratcheted up a notch. The sheriff was definitely holding back laughter.
“Well, that won’t be a problem, sheriff, since there is no relationship to be concerned about,” he firmly stated.
Breaking free, Craig left the sheriff’s office and headed back to the storage closet. Grabbing a couple of shirts in Synn’s size, Craig shut the cabinet and turned to leave, only to be shoved back against its hard surface. Lips covered his and a tongue forced its way into Craig’s mouth. A hand delved into his hair, pulling out the rubber band that secured it away from his face. Synn’s big body pressed tightly against his, trapping Craig so he couldn’t move.
Synn’s kiss demanded Craig’s submission. A hard thigh moved between Craig’s legs and pressed against his cock. The plastic covered shirts landed on the tiled floor with a plop when Synn’s thigh
started rubbing unmercifully against Craig’s dick.
A red haze of desire clouded Craig’s mind pushing away his irritation. He could only cling to the soft fabric of Synn’s blazer as Synn’s tongue fucked his mouth and his unrelenting thigh brought Craig to the point of no return. Struggling to breathe, Craig pulled his mouth away, leaving some strands of his hair painfully tangled around Synn’s fingers in the process.
“Synn, please,” he pleaded. “Don’t make me come here.” Relentless, Synn’s kept moving his tool of bitter sweet magic against Craig’s poor cock. Squirming, desperately trying to not come, Craig tried again. “Please, Synn, please. It’ll show through my pants.”
Synn stopped moving his leg, but kept it pressed tight. Craig froze, hoping against hope that he could control his balls that were threatening to pull up and unload.
“Have dinner with me tonight,” Synn demanded.
“Ah, I have plans,” Craig answered. Seeing Synn’s face harden, he rushed to say, “But I can easily change them. They weren’t important anyway.”
“Are you sure you can change them?” Synn asked.
“Yeah, no problem,” Craig answered quickly.
Slowly Synn’s thigh eased away and Craig’s head was pulled against Synn’s shoulder.
“Take deep easy breaths, baby. From now on you won’t come until I say you can.”
Craig tried to lift his head, but the hand buried in his hair held him securely. The guy had to be joking. Craig would not have blue balls for anyone. Whether he had a partner in his life or not he averaged two orgasms a day.
Glancing up, Craig could see that Synn was serious. Craig decided it might be best to go along with the crazy man’s preposterous idea. The way Craig figured it, what he did when he was alone was his own business.
Breathing in through his nose and letting the air out of his mouth calmed him enough to get some control back. Except once he was calm, Synn’s clean fresh scent tantalized him and made his cock start plumping up again.
“You need to change your shirt so we can tour the building,” he murmured, managing to slightly tip his head up.
“I suppose if we stay here much longer, it will be noticed,” Synn conceded.
Synn dropped a warm kiss on Craig’s lips one more time before he was released. Craig watched as the big man shrugged the charcoal gray dress jacket off and carefully set it on one of the shelves. Reaching down Synn took a hold of the bottom of his black T-shirt and pulled it over his head, his long ponytail swinging.
Standing in front of him, Synn paused and let Craig look his fill. The man was gorgeous with his long blue-black hair combined with acres of dark skin that covered wide shoulders, a muscled chest and tight six-pack abs.
A colorful tattoo covered one shoulder and ran down his entire arm. Craig had a weakness for tattoos and always thought that someday he would like one, or three. Craig studied the brightly colored tattoo for a few seconds until Synn’s large dark brown nipples drew his attention. He longed to draw one into his mouth and suck it deeply. Then he noticed one nipple was almost bisected completely with a freshly healed wound. Frowning Craig saw still pink, thick raised scars, decorating Synn’s chest and belly. By the look of them these injuries were made to cause pain, but not death.
Synn shifted, drawing Craig’s gaze away from the scars. Craig’s eyebrows rose when he took in the strap around Synn’s wrist holding a knife in place. When Synn bent down and picked up one of the packaged tan uniform shirts from the floor, another knife sat in the small of Synn’s back. Craig looked at the dress jacket on the shelf and wondered what secrets it held.
Forgetting the weapons Craig enjoyed the play of muscles dancing under dark tan skin as Synn shoved one arm into the sleeve of the dress shirt.
The closet door loudly rattled next to Craig, making him jump when someone pounded on it.
Troy’s urgent voice called, “Craig, Chief Deputy, dispatch just reported someone called 911 and told them they found a dead body in one of the dumpsters behind the church on Melborn Street.”

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Today's snippet is from Xavi's Wild Ride (The Men of the Crazy Angle). This is a short story about a shy guy meeting a macho stud and adding in working with horses. The attraction between these two is thick enough to cut with a knife. On a side note the narrator for my audible books contacted me and asked how to say Xavi. Let's hope she delights us with releasing this story.
Holy crap! Xavi cleaned the shoeing equipment and put everything away. Then he went and brushed Satellite down and let him out into the pasture. All the while, he was thinking about the giant farrier that had been in most of his thoughts and some of his dreams for the last three days.
Xavi had been minding his own business that first day, cleaning out a stall, when in walked a huge, long-haired man dressed in a black T-shirt that stretch across his muscular chest. Jeans encased powerful thighs that made Xavi want to run his hands over them while he sucked on the package that was clearly outlined. Xavi’s shyness was the bane of his life and he could do no more than nod a greeting at the man each morning when they met in the barn. Xavi would give just about anything if only he could make himself talk to the man. It wasn’t like Trace was a monster or anything. In fact, Xavi could swear as he watched Trace work, there were times Trace was looking back at him. Xavi got goose bumps just thinking about it.
Now Trace was hurt and Xavi decided that he had to help him. With determination, he was going to push his shyness aside and take Trace something to eat. He would include pain medicine, in case Trace needed it.
Making his way to the bunkhouse, he quickly showered and then made a couple of sandwiches in the tiny kitchen. Most of the meals were served in the big house, but the bunk kitchen held basic supplies for the hands.
Getting a tray out, he added chips to the plate, along with a glass of milk, and he took them to the door of the room that he knew Trace was staying in.  Setting the tray on the floor, he ran back into the kitchen and grabbed the bottle of over-the-counter painkillers and then headed down the hallway. Before he could lose the courage he was hanging onto by a thread, he knocked on the door. Xavi heard a muffled response, but couldn’t quite make out the words.
Opening the door just a little, he said, “It’s me, Xavi. Can I come in?”
“Come in, Xavi,” Trace answered.
Opening the door wider, Xavi froze. Before him, lying on the bed was Trace, dressed only in a pair of tight black boxer-briefs. Acres of skin, covered in small beads of water, called to him, asking for his touch. Thick tribal tattoos covered Trace’s upper chest, shoulders, and upper arms. Long, still-wet black hair fanned out from the pillow beneath Trace’s head. Xavi was stuck. He couldn’t move, he was so transfixed by the man before him.
“Did you need something, Xavi?” Trace asked.
Xavi couldn’t answer, he could only look at Trace helplessly, grey eyes wide and pleading.
“Did you bring me some pain medicine, sweet pea?”
Xavi looked down at his hand holding the meds. He was so embarrassed, he was sure his face was beet-red. No matter what he tried, he couldn’t make himself answer that gorgeous man. It was even more humiliating, because he had just been talking to him and now he couldn’t. So, like an idiot, he nodded his head up and down.
“I can take them dry, but it would probably be easier for me to swallow them down with water.” Automatically Xavi tossed the bottle of pills to Trace, who caught it with one hand. When he realized what he had just done, Xavi felt even more like an idiot. Turning, he bent and picked up the tray of food.
Behind him, he heard, “Nice.”
Not understanding what Trace was talking about, he turned and saw that Trace was staring at his ass. Now his face flushed for a whole new reason.
Xavi took the tray over to a wooded chair sitting against the wall and set the tray on the seat. Then he went back over to Trace and helped him sit up. He tried his hardest to ignore the feel of warm skin under his fingers and the eye-popping muscles while he propped pillows behind Trace’s back. Xavi hated that the action brought another hiss of pain from between Trace’s clenched teeth.
Once he was settled, Xavi went back and got the tray, trying not to stare at the large bulge under the cloth of Trace’s underwear, before laying the tray over it.  Taking the bottle of pills out of his hand, Xavi opened it and shook a couple of tablets out for Trace, and then handed him the milk. All of this was done without him saying a word. It gave him time to get his bearings and ease the muscles in his throat so he could hopefully speak.
Trace let Xavi take care of him, watching as his actions seemed to release some of the tension out of the man. He could see now that Xavi’s shyness at times was almost disabling.
“Why don’t you bring that chair over here and sit for a minute?” Trace indicated to the wooden chair Xavi had used for the tray.
Soon Xavi was seated next to the bed, watching as he picked up the sandwich and took a large bite out of it. For a second, Trace stopped chewing when the taste of sour pickle burst in his mouth. Seeing the look of expectation on Xavi’s face, there was no way he was going to tell him that he detested pickles. Instead, he took bite after bite until the blessed sandwich was gone. Then he gratefully drank the whole glass of milk down to wash away the taste.
“Thank you, Xavi. That was really nice of you to make that sandwich for me.” Trace took a few chips and held out the plate for Xavi to take some. Trace was pleased when he did. When he was finished, he set the tray down on the floor by the bed.
“Are you in a lot of pain?” Xavi asked.
“Actually, the meds are kicking in. But tomorrow, I think it’s going to hurt like a bitch.” Trace was glad Xavi was starting to talk to him. With what he had in mind, it would never work if Xavi didn’t talk. “Xavi, do you want to stay on Silas’s Ranch permanently?” Trace could see Xavi was thinking over the question carefully.
“Right now, I don’t have anywhere else to go,” he answered.
“Do you like working with the draft horses, or do you want to do something else?”
“I’ve always wanted to work with the horses. My family demanded I obtain a two-year associate’s degree to become an assistant accountant. I was working as a bookkeeper at a bank, but that’s not what I really wanted to do.”
At the mention of his family, Trace saw Xavi shut down, and it pissed him off. He was leaving tomorrow morning and he didn’t have the option of taking his time, letting Xavi get comfortable with him.
“I live on a ranch in Texas, called the Crazy Angle. It’s one of the biggest ranches in the country that raises and trains Belgian draft horses. The owner’s name is Graham Conner, and he is one of the fairest employers you could ever find. I need an assistant, and I think you would fit real well in that position.”
“You want me to work for you?” Xavi’s beautiful grey eyes were wide with surprise.
“You would be employed by Graham, but you would answer to me.” Trace intended for Xavi to answer to him about everything in his life. But he kept that to himself for now.
“What would you expect me to do?” Xavi asked.
Trace knew he was being perverted, but the beautiful little man was sitting not three feet from him and Trace wanted him. His first thought was to say that Trace wanted his lips wrapped around his dick the first thing every morning.
But what he said was, “I need you to do what you did today. Set up my equipment. Hand the tools to me when needed. You will be handling horses and cleaning up. But most of all, you will be responsible for the paperwork. For each horse I shoe, you have to list the date, what size shoes I use, et cetera. It’s an ongoing battle and Adam, the Forman at the ranch, has even threatened to buy me a laptop or tablet to keep track of everything.”
“Why wouldn’t you use a computer to keep track of it all?” Xavi tipped his head slightly to the side and scrunched his nose.
Trace became distracted by how cute Xavi looked, asking that question. Trace found him absolutely adorable.
“Sweet pea, look at these hands. There is no way I’m going to fight those little keys or whatever you use on them things. I’d rather use a pencil and scribble it all down.”
Xavi was looking at those big hands, all right. He was imagining them doing all sorts of things his family said were evil. But he didn’t think they were evil, he thought they were human. So far, things had been going pretty well at Silas’s farm for Xavi. But he knew his family would eventually remember that he spent all of those summers here.
They would put two and two together with Grandpa helping him and being best friends with Silas. He knew mentally he was strong enough to stand up against them, but physically, it so wasn’t happening. It sucked being the runt of the family.
Maybe the answer was accepting Trace’s offer. Xavi wanted to go with Trace for more reasons than just working for him. But Xavi knew someone as gorgeous as Trace would never look twice at him. “What is included if I accept the job?”
“Besides a weekly check, you’d have a room in the bunkhouse. Meals are provided, except on Sundays, and after a probationary period you would be offered health insurance.”
“When would I start?”
“You would be going with me tomorrow morning.” Xavi didn’t have to think twice. “Okay.”
With that one word, Xavi’s life completely and utterly changed.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Today's snippet is from The Leader's Little Bit (Rescue for Hire West 1). Some of my characters first meeting doesn't go so well. With Roman and Jimmy had a few bumps before they came to an
This story came about when I went to Las Vegas to attend my brother's wedding. I was fascinated by all the different people on Fremont street. Especially the guy painted silver. While I was in Vegas I would run to my room and write down bits of Roman's story. And that is how RFH-West started.
Roman was a big man, with a lot of muscle mass, but he had the ability to slip silently through a crowd and blend in with his surroundings. In a matter of seconds, he had navigated the throng of people and was approaching the man who had caught his attention.
Roman couldn’t take his eyes off a neck so gracefully arched. He wanted the man naked under him while he buried his hand in the guy’s messy short light brown hair. He would tug on that shiny hair until the man presented his neck for Roman’s pleasure. Wide light green eyes stared up in wonder at the canopy above, and slightly parted lips looked as if they were begging for kisses.
Taking a deep breath to calm these newly found crazy-assed feelings and his body’s over-the-top reaction to the man, Roman stepped beside him and looked up at the video.
“A sight like that makes you want to watch it for hours,” Roman commented.
Roman knew the man thought he was talking about the pictures racing across the canopy, but in actuality Roman was commenting on him.
“I’ve never seen anything like it,” the man responded, not taking his eyes off the screen.
A shiver raced across Roman’s skin at the sound of the man’s voice. He needed to demand his attention, but, instead, in a calm voice he said, “I’m Roman Marshall.”
The man turned his head and light green eyes widened as the man took in Roman for the first time. Straight white teeth bit down on his plump lower lip for a moment before the man released it. Roman wanted to use his tongue to soothe the reddened skin.
“Hi, I’m Jimmy Earl.” Jimmy shifted his slight weight back and forth.
Roman figured that was a nervous habit. Time to see if the little bit of a man was brave enough to catch Roman’s bait.
 “I’m hungry. Would you like to go have something to eat?” he asked and waited, never letting his gaze waver from Jimmy’s.
“Um… well… um.” Jimmy shifted and looked away before biting his lip again. His gaze slid back to Roman’s. “Sure.” Tension Roman hadn’t realized was there, eased. Smiling, he gestured toward the casino next to them.
“They have a halfway decent restaurant here. Let’s go see what looks good.”
“Okay.” Jimmy gave him a tentative smile before turning toward the huge open entryway Roman had indicated to.
Most casinos left their doors open wide to welcome people ready to spend money. Roman sucked in his breath at the sight of Jimmy’s ass. The small backpack nestled against the man’s back couldn’t distract from the perfectly heart-shaped booty Jimmy’s shorts clung to. When Jimmy started through the door opening, his ass flexed, causing Roman’s cock to press uncomfortably against the zipper of his jeans.
For the last three months, Roman had been exploring a new venture and negotiating his future. As he laid a hand on Jimmy’s slim shoulder to guide him through the maze of clanging bells and flashing lights of the slot machines, Roman added Jimmy as a possibility to his plans.
A hostess greeted them at the restaurant and proceeded to seat them at a table near the back. That was fine with Roman. He wanted to get to know Jimmy with as few distractions as possible.
As they settled into chairs across from each other, Jimmy took off his backpack and hung it on the back of one of the free chairs. That action, along with seeing Jimmy’s face in the bright glow of the restaurant’s lights, had Roman’s heart sinking.
He didn’t do jailbait, and he was no one’s daddy.

* * * *

Jimmy was nervous. The guy sitting across the table from him was one of the most gorgeous men he had ever seen. Men didn’t look like Roman back on the farm in Texas. He also had such a dangerous aura surrounding him that the hair on the back of Jimmy’s neck hadn’t settled down since the first moment their eyes met. Too late, he realized the stupidity of hanging his pack on the back of the chair in Las Vegas.
As casually as he could, he picked it back up and placed it on the floor between his feet. Jimmy had just scooted the chair in when he looked up and saw the expression on Roman’s face. Roman had erected a wall between them in the last few seconds. Gone was the twinkle of friendliness in his dark blue eyes. Now they were blank. Lips pressed into a stern line had replaced his smile. Slashing eyebrows lowered into a frown. Jimmy didn’t know what to think, and he tensed up, ready to make a break for it if he needed to. After all, he didn’t know this guy from Adam.
 “How old are you?” Roman demanded, each word said in a short, clipped manner.
Jimmy wanted to roll his eyes, but knew that would emphasize his youth and make him seem younger than he was. His mother was forever assuring him that one day he would like looking younger than his actual age.
He held back a huge sigh and answered, “I’m twentyone.”
Blue eyes narrowed as they studied him. Jimmy’s original far-off dream of getting laid by this guy just flew out the window. Right before his eyes, things were going downhill fast. Disapproval radiated from the big man sitting across the table.
“How many hours have you been twenty-one?” Roman asked.
The guy’s sarcasm pissed Jimmy off. The way Roman was looking down his hoity-toity nose at him made him angrier.
Making a big show of looking at a nonexistent watch strapped to his wrist, he said, “Forty-nine hours, twenty-three minutes, and fifteen, no sixteen seconds.”
Jimmy’s first impression of Roman was that he was a hard, deadly man. He envisioned him being a lethal mercenary just like his favorite men in movies he watched on Netflix. He’d been afraid then flattered that he had attracted the guy’s attention. Part of him thought, and then hoped, he might have quite a tale of crazy sex to take home and tell his brothers about.
Now, as Roman continued to study him with an air of condemnation that was almost tangible, Jimmy had enough. He had a father and too many overbearing brothers. He didn’t need or want any more of that shit. He was so out of here.
 “You know, it’s been fun meeting you, Roman. But I’m sure there’s a phone call I need to make.” With that, Jimmy stood up and walked away. Mr. High-and-Mighty could stick his attitude where the sun didn’t shine.
Deep down inside of Jimmy, a small patch of darkness formed in his soul. He refused to acknowledge it, but when he had been in Roman’s company, he had felt a connection. It was almost as if his
soul had found its home. It also hadn’t escaped his notice that Roman hadn’t tried to stop him from leaving.