Reading Order

Because the characters of Rescue for Hire, The Men of the Crazy Angle, and Granite County are all entwined. I have been asked to list the reading order. So here it is. Of course, Lubirea Mai, Operation True One, and Battle Bunnies are stand-alone series.
Bear's Pup - RFH
Jack's Sweets - RFH
Damian's Treble - RFH
Leo's Pet - RFH
Commander's Spitfire - RFH
Tyler's Transformation - CAR
Xavi's Wild Ride - CAR
The Farmer Takes The Cook And The Foreman - CAR
Paulie's Protector - CAR
Gabriel's Pretty - RFH
Dominated And Claimed - GC
Controlling His Men - GC
Brad's Rock - RFH
Adjusting To The Situation - GC
Vowing To Be His Hero - GC
Callum's Love - CAR
Boone's Cowboy - RFH
Progressing With Storm -GC
Spencer's Reluctant Rescuer - RFH
The Leader's Little Bit - RFHW
The Tracker Claims the Cutie - RFHW
The Keeper of the House Finds His Wee One - RFHW
Shadow's Pen - RFH
Plan Hayward and the Wedding Planner - A Holiday Story
Dane's Odyssey to a Real Valentine's Day - A Holiday Story
The Pilot Soars with the Bad Boy - RFHW
The Protector Heals His Cowboy - RFHW
The Tracker's Destiny Finds Him Again - RFHW
Contemplating Life's Surprises - GC
Loving Laser's Lost Boys - GC
The Medic Tames His Macho Plumbers - RFHW
The Medic Finds His Home - RFHW
The Clash of the Techie and the New Medic - RFHW
The Log Road to Revelation and Adoration - GC
Cash's Jesse - RFH

* RFH = Rescue for Hire
   CAR = The Men of the Crazy Angle Ranch
   GC   = Granite County
  RFHW = Rescue for Hire West


  1. I love reading your books. Have finished RFH and RFHW, now reading Granite Country and already bought Crazy Angle. Thanks for all the fun and suspense. And looking forward to your next ones ! I am from The Netherlands. Love it that you are working with Stormy Glenn, another of my favorites.

    1. Thank you for giving my stories a chance. I'm glad you are enjoying them.

  2. Bellann,,
    I am just wondering whY happened to the 4th book of The Lubirea Mai series. I can not find the book anywhere?!

    1. The forth Lubirea Mai book in currently found in the Ride A Cowboy Anthology. It's title is Finding Conn's Happiness. I will be revising and lengthening this story and re-releasing it in the near future.

  3. What is Contemplating Life's Surprises?!?! Is that MD's story??

  4. That would be MD's story. Publishing date March 13th. Pre-order most likely at the end of this week.

  5. I cannot wait for the rest of rescue for hire west and of course anything else you have.

    1. I am completing the last two books of Granite County. I plan on spending the summer finishing Rescue for Hire West and maybe introducing a new Rescue for Hire unit.

    2. Are three any plans for more crazy angle stories,also. Stan's, Steve's, Dee's?

    3. I have started Stan and Steve's stories, but they haven't told me the endings yet.

  6. I absolutely love your stories. I read them already several times.are there more stories coming in RFH, RFHW, Crazy angle and Granite. I hope so.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Cindy. I had planned on working on RFHW by now, but Operation True One is yelling for their stories. I will be adding to all of the series in the future.

    2. hello, i just finished the two operation true one books. they are absolutely amazing and i will continue to ravage all the books you publish. Cant't wait for your next creation

    3. Thank you. I am working on the next Operation True One right now.

  7. I have read every RFH,RFHE,GC, AND CAR. I luv these characters! When will the neXT books in any of these series be available?

    1. RFHW - The Clash of the Techie and the New Medic has just been released at Amazon, Barns and Nobel, etc. GC - The Long Road to Revelation and Adoration should come out at Siren Publishing in late January or early February.

  8. are you going to write any more on the ranch or Granite County? Did you just give up on RFH Texas?

  9. I suspect at some time in the future, Sam from The Crazy Angle will step up and demand his story. As for Texas, Book 1 is in the works.