Rescue for Hire West


The Leader's Little Bit 

Welcome to Rescue for Hire West, a team of specialists ready to take on America’s rugged west while rescuing people. After months of training, Roman Marshall’s agreed to lead this team of heroes. The future looks even brighter when he meets spunky Jimmy Earl. Roman’s first challenge becomes accepting their nine-year age difference. Age no longer matters when a serial rapist tries to kidnap Jimmy. Roman’s challenges aren’t finished. There’s training rescues gone awry, seductive brothers, lost children, and most of all convincing Jimmy they are partners, united forever.
The big guy might be gorgeous, but Jimmy Earl isn't going to put with his high and mighty attitude. He has better things to do, like make nonexistent phone calls. After waking up in the hospital with Roman by this bedside, Jimmy's whisked off to Rescue for Hire West. Roman is dominating, possessive, and his hand regularly becomes a pain on his neither regions, but Jimmy can handle him, maybe. 

 The Tracker Claims the Cutie

Welcome to Rescue for Hire West, a team of specialists ready to take on America’s rugged west to rescue victims in trouble. The first time Tristen Earl visited his brother, the team’s tracker, Santos Elbarize, watched the flirty man entice the entire team with his charms. By the time Santos had warned the other men away, it was too late and Tristen was gone. Now Tristen’s back and heading toward the cook’s rooms. Santos has other ideas.

For Tristen Earl, finding men to warm his bed isn’t a problem. Finding one who wants a forever is a whole different matter. Desperate and lonely, he sneaks into his brother’s home ready to throw himself at a man he’s shared one mediocre kiss with. What Tristen encounters is a big Brazilian who announces Tristen is his, before throwing him over his shoulder and taking him to his bedroom. Can Santos convince Tristen they are true partners while surviving forest fires, and rescuing accident victims? 

The Keeper of the House Finds His Wee One

Welcome to Rescue for Hire West, a team of specialists ready to take on America’s rugged west to rescue victims in trouble. Sometimes love doesn't find you until later in life. Sometimes the adventure is in everyday life.
Meet Garrett McKay and Tolliver Holiday. Age and a bail jumper’s truck had Garrett accepting a job with Rescue for Hire West. He may now be in the kitchen, but that doesn’t mean he’s not one of the team. When Tolliver is sent to Los Héroes to recover from a kidnapping and torture, Garrett is stunned to have finally found the wee one of his heart. But Garrett’s visions of finding love, falling into bed, and living happily ever after are challenged by Tolliver’s injuries, two mischievous brothers, and a kidnapper that is still out there. Yep, sometimes everyday life is an adventure. 

The Pilot Soars with His Bad Boy 

Styx Randall has high hopes for his job interview with Rescue for Hire West. The idea of spending his days fixing the high powered planes and vehicles for the company is his idea of heaven. When he meets Flyer Wakefield, he adds the pilot to his list of wants in life. Want soon turns into
need. But why is the nervous man’s phone ringing constantly? Styx finds out the first time he takes Flyer into his arms and discovers his scarred body. 
Flyer accepts that he can’t sit still. He knows if he doesn’t keep eating he’ll wind down like a toy top. What he doesn’t understand is why his sadistic ex-boyfriend won’t leave him alone. Meeting the big, bad, mechanic should send Flyer running for the hills, and yet the attraction’s undeniable. Flyer finds strength and healing in Styx’s arms. But will that be enough when the ex-boyfriend kidnaps Flyer and some of his teammate’s partners. 

The Protector Heals His Cowboy

Welcome to Rescue for Hire West, a team of specialists ready to take on America’s rugged west while rescuing people.

Carson Radley screwed up. Thinking revenge was a good idea, he instead almost ended up dead at the hands of a sadistic maniac. An angel in the form of big, patient, and loving, Isaiah Briggs is the only thing that keeps Carson sane during the challenges of healing and jail time.

Isaiah Briggs’s teammates tread lightly when the deadly man is riled. The big, black, weapons expert knows the craft of killing well. But one look at brutalized Carson melts the icy walls of his heart. Rescue for Hire West is Isaiah’s home. But can it be Carson’s, when his past actions cause friction within this hacienda, and the leader wants him gone? Come see Carson grow, a secretive rescue, a feisty little bit takes on his partner, and a leader having to accept his own past demands of others.

The Tracker's Destiny Finds Him Again

At eighteen, Rhys Kent ran away from the circus and joined the Army. The night before his bus left for basic training, he met the man of his dreams, fell in love

and had sex for the first time, but by the next morning, he had also been dumped by Joe Beck. Ten years later their paths collide at Rescue for Hire West and Rhys wants nothing to do with the man who broke his young, tender, heart. But in life, it’s the little gestures of love that matter most to Rhys, and it turns out Joe excels at the little things.

At nineteen, Joe Beck had the right intentions, but handled the whole Rhys situation all wrong. Ten years later, life has given him a second chance at love, but will Rhys? The road to happily ever after is paved with candy kisses, jelly beans, milk duds, old dogs, old people, heartache, forgiveness, and this little red sex toy…

 The Medic Tames His Macho Plumbers

Welcome to Rescue for Hire West. Meet a team of specialists, ready to take on America’s rugged west and rescue victims in trouble. When the grandfather of one of the team passes away, the guys attend the funeral to pay their respects. Team medic, Parker Curry, meets brothers, Seth and Cayman Kent. The big guys claim Parker is theirs. Smaller does not mean weaker and Parker lets them know his opinions on the matter of equality.

Plumbers, Seth and Cayman try their best to understand Parker’s needs. Their efforts backfire. Trying to change results in resentment and injuries. Communication becomes the key to these three. Of course, nothing in life is simple. We have thieves, monsters from the past, rescues, equine calamities, and hours of sweet, sweet love. In the end, we will see how the medic tames his macho plumbers.

The Medic Finds His Home

Medic Reese Palmer has been called the heart of Rescue for Hire West. His wisdom has
touched every member of the team. The weight of loneliness, responsibilities, and a rescue gone wrong send him to the edge of burnout. Needing a vacation, Reese takes off, but an accident changes everything. He wakes up lost and alone in a world he no longer understands.
Ex-detective, now hotdog vender, Lee Sanchez has been watching the tall, injured homeless man. Intrigued, he offers him a hotdog. Attraction and desire urge these two together, but unknown facts keep them apart.
The team from Rescue for Hire West will need to use all of their skills to find the one who has disappeared into thin air. What happens when the man you know as your friend and teammate are no longer there? Is this a story of tragedy or a blessing? You decide.

The Clash of the Techie and the New Medic

Welcome to Rescue for Hire West. Meet a team of specialists, ready to take on America’s rugged west and rescue victims in trouble. Everyone in, computer expert, Morgan King’s life has left him behind. His dreams of fostering and adopting a little boy are dashed, leaving Morgan broken.
Overworked and wanting more out of life, paramedic Tatum Janis sets out to accomplish two goals. Becoming Rescue for Hire West’s new medic and claiming Morgan King as his own. While he accomplishes the first, he manages to put a band around Morgan’s finger. Okay, maybe it’s just a hairband, but Tatum vows to replace it with a permanent symbol of his love and commitment to a forever with Morgan.
While these two are battling Morgan’s hurts of the past, Rescue for Hire West is changing. The team will still go out and rescue people in need, but now they are rescuing the littlest ones of society and becoming an even bigger family.



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  2. When will The Protector His Cowboy and the third Battle Bunnies book be available on Amazon?

  3. Love all your stories. When will Morgan from Rescue for hire west be getting good his story?

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    1. I love all your books. When will the next book in Rescue for Hire West come out.

    2. Thank you Ebony. I am currently reading the Rescue for Hire West series to prepare to write Parker's story.

  5. Muchas pero muchas gracias por compartir con nosotros estas grandes historias soy una ávida lectora suya y me encanta su trabajo.

    Tienes mi apoyo y espero por más.
    Saludos desde Honduras (=´∀`)

    1. Thank you so much, Wendy. I am continuing to write more Rescue for Hire stories and hope to have them published in the next couple of months.