Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday is here, now on to the weekend.
Next week Progressing with Storm - Granite County 5 will hopefully be on presale at Siren. I thought I would put a snippet on here for you to enjoy.

Corey patted a spot on the bed next to his hip. When Kris hesitated, Corey frowned. Kris pushed aside his concerns and carefully climbed onto the bed. Acid smoke saturated the air around Corey.
“I don’t want to hurt you,” he said.
“You look tired. Rest for a minute,” Corey whispered.
It shocked Kris that Corey was worried about him. The man had just lived through a harrowing ordeal, yet here he was doing his best to take care of Kris.
“Can I see your head? Are there stitches?” Kris asked. He wished he could take the words back when Corey tipped his head down, revealing a shaved patch of skin with two huge metal staples embedded in the skin.
Kris’s stomach tightened. He had a lot of grizzly wounds covering his own body. Somehow Corey’s injury seemed ten times worse.
“I’m so sorry,” he blurted out.
Fine lines of pain fanned the corners of Corey’s pretty hazel eyes. “In a few days, I’ll be good as new.”
Kris tentatively touched the corner of Corey’s bandaged hand. “These look like they’re going to take more than a few days to heal.”
“Just some scrapes and splinters,” Corey said.
“Did they say how long you have to stay here?” Kris asked. He didn’t know what to do. This should be a tender moment, a victory of Corey surviving a life-threatening event. Instead, they struggled with the cloud of tension that hung over them since they had gotten back together.
“Overnight.” Corey’s eyes closed.
Kris thought Corey would get more rest if he sat in the chair next to the bed and started to shift around. A soft touch to his arm brought his gaze back to Corey.
“Will you do me a favor?” Corey whispered.
“Sure,” Kris answered.
“Can you go check on the guy that saved me? See if he’s okay?”
“All right, I’ll be right back.” Kris slid off the bed, happy to be given some kind of direction.
“When you come back, can you lie by me on the bed?”
“Wouldn’t you be more comfortable without me bumping you while you’re trying to sleep?” Kris asked.
Kris frowned. He was trying to be a good boyfriend and help Corey get his rest. But, as usual, Corey wanted something else. Kris wondered if he would ever get it right.
“Okay. I’ll go check on that guy and come back and lie by you,” he said, conceding to Corey’s wishes.
The smile Kris received was dazzling white against Corey’s soot-covered skin. Kris wondered if from now on he should ask Corey what he wanted instead of trying to figure it out. That thought kind of irritated Kris. He should instinctively know what Corey needed. They were a couple.
Turning, Kris left the room more confused than ever about his and Corey’s relationship.
Ten minutes later, Kris stood inside the exit door of the large emergency suite and watched a bunch of well-dressed, tall, muscular men leave one of the curtained-off areas. As they passed him, Kris couldn’t help but enjoy the tattooed eye candy.  Each was extremely handsome, in his own way and Kris always had a weakness for muscles and tattoos.
Once they left, Kris started toward the curtains. According to a nurse, Kris was looking for exam stall #4. Somehow it didn’t surprise him that #4 was where the handsome hunks had come from. After all, he was checking on a hero, and any of those men clearly could be one.
Kris stepped through the opening of the curtain and froze. In Kris’s thirty years, he had never been so close to his idea of a perfect looking man.
“Hi there, beautiful. Why don’t you come over here and greet me properly?”


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