Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Happy Wednesday!
Still busy catching up. I need a maid. And a gardener. And an accountant. And a ..... well, you get the picture.
I believe next week Progressing with Storm - Granite County 5 will be out for pre-sale. I thought I'd give you a sneak peek at the cover and excerpt.

A wedding brings Storm Donahue to Granite County. Saving Corey Casey from a burning house leads him to meet Kris Winters. One act of heroism brings the three together and attraction explodes.
Corey returns to his on again, off again boyfriend, after hearing Kris has been attacked. This time he isn’t given a warm welcome. Instead his selfish wants may have damaged the relationship beyond repair.
Kris is never enough for his boyfriends. He tries, but the last one thanked him by taking a knife to him. When Corey returns, trust is gone and frustration abounds.
Meeting Kris and Corey has made Storm’s life complete.  He’s more than willing to help them progress to forgiving each other and growing into a solid unit with him. But a firebug’s in town. Kris suspects it’s one of Corey’s exes, but the signs point elsewhere. As the three burn up the sheets, someone’s burning up the city. And of course Ralph’s watching everything.

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