Monday, June 1, 2015

Good Morning and Happy June,
 I was ready for June. May was too busy and I felt like I was a step behind in everything all month. So its time to plan June. Although its a 50-50 chance my plans will get a accomplished.
First of all Progressing with Storm - Granite County 5 will be going on pre-sale at Siren Publishing today or tomorrow.
I will (hopefully) be finishing my newest project this week. Unfortunately it always takes me longer to finish a story than I think it will. I would like to finish two stories this month.
The great Stormy Glenn has a new project for us to participate in at ManLove Fantasies. I am going to make every effort to be involved in that. Our efforts will be out in July.
Lastly, I will have to continue on a story that is scheduled to be released on Christmas Day. That seems so far away but it will be here soon. And as it is already scheduled you have to know its going to be special.
So we will see if these plans actually happen. I will pop in here when Progressing with Storm is out.
Take care and have a wonderful month.

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