Sunday, February 22, 2015

Rescue for Hire 8
Tony and Shane (RfH 5) have just finished making love. Unedited.
 Rolling to the side, Shane lay on his back, keeping Tony snug against his side.
Shane stared up at the ceiling, listening for Tony’s breathing to slow down. Once they were both calmer, he spoke, “Do you want to tell me what’s bothering you?”
“No,” Tony answered.
“Too bad. Tell me anyway.”
Tension build inside of the room the longer Tony was silent. Shane’s temper spiked. Turning his head, he looked at Tony. “Tell me.”
 Tony’s brown eyes had a clear look of panic in them. “I found a….”
On the night stand, Shane’s phone rang interrupting Tony. Shane wanted to punch something in frustration. Tony hadn’t been himself for the last couple of weeks, and Shane had waited long enough. Tony should have talked to him about it by now.
“This conversation isn’t over,” he warned reaching for the phone.
“I know,” Tony answered, sounding relieved.
He used his thumb to swipe the screen of the phone. “This is Shane.
His brother, Cade's voice, came through. “Is Tony with you?”
“Gear up. We have a mall shooting with hostages. I have Damian getting the plane ready. Be at the hanger in fifteen.”

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