Monday, February 23, 2015

Merry Monday,
I spent the day finishing the edits for Granite County 3 = Adjusting to the situation. They are now back in Siren's hands.
Here is another snippet of Rescue fore Hire 8. This is our first glimpse of Boone.

Boone Ryder had enough. Ignoring his screaming brother-in-law, he left building without looking back. There was a sweet twenty-six foot toy hauler travel trailer all packed up and waiting for him. For at least the next two weeks he intended to explore and conquer every obstacle and challenge the north woods campground he was booked at had to offer.
The powerful Harley motorcycle between his legs came to life and Boone took off towards his parents’ house. Like his stint in the navy,  the job working for his sister Cindy’s husband and his time living with his parents had reached the finish line. After he blew off some steam so he wouldn’t find himself in jail, Boone decided the time had come to seriously find a job that suited his skills and personality.

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