Thursday, February 19, 2015

I just finished the blurbs for Callum's Love - The Men of the Crazy Angle Ranch. I thought I'd share.

Ryan Timmons has lost every job and relationship because of his klutziness. He reached a new low when his father had to call in a favor for him to work at the Crazy Angle Ranch. Callum Leeman refuses to be topped from the bottom and breaks up with his boyfriend. Within five minutes of meeting Ryan, the man manages to trash two rooms, yet Callum is intrigued. A dying horse is dumped on Crazy Angle land and veterinarian Callum is shocked by what its injuries imply. When Callum’s fears are confirmed, it is Ryan’s ingenuity that saves the day and many horses. This story includes saving a man’s life, the conclusion of a woman we all love to hate, and Callum’s ex-boyfriend whose words of acid has a devastated Ryan walking away from love. Never fear, fathers are here to save the day.

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