Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Good Morning!

I hope everyone is keeping warm. Things are moving right along in the writing department. In the next couple of weeks Granite County 3 - Adjusting to the Situation will be on pre-sale. After that Granite County 4 - Vowing To Be His Hero will be up.  I just had Callum's Love - The Men of the Crazy Angle Ranch accepted. And I am working a new Rescue for Hire.
I will get the blog up to date soon. I'm actually waiting for the cover for Adjusting to the Situation to come back. I asked for a tiny bit of adjusting on it. (sorry I couldn't resist)
So as a gift to those who are freezing or digging out of the snow. Or for those of you who are warm and are laughing at the rest of us who are freezing and digging out of the snow. Here is the gorgeous cover for Vowing To Be His Hero - Granite County 4.
This story will be out in April.

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