Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Man Love Fantasies is winding down with the month. Soon there will be a winner. Today's author is Cree Storm. Enjoy her interview and leave a comment. www.manlovefantasies.blogspot.com

We've already established that not everyone is reading my blog. Rita is and won a ebook copy of Brad's Rock. Would anyone else like to win a copy? It's coming out Saturday.
There's a big ball game being played on Sunday in the U.S.A. It involves a football, and this year also involves something called deflationgate.
I'm looking for what Sunday's game is called. Not football. What title? To be honest I think most watch the commercials.


  1. the super bowl with cheaters who should have to take their deflated balls home lol :)

    1. It is the Super Bowl Margaret. Please send me your email address and what format you would like to Bellannsummer@gmail.com