Monday, January 26, 2015

Today's author on Man Love Fantasies is Bea Lorocca. You can find her here:
I had a fan ask me in what order should she read my books to get the most out of them as I tend to write cross overs. Meaning my books all cross over into the other series. They just can't stay in their own series.
As I started to write it down, I realized how crazy its gotten. For that I apologize. In my defense the characters talk and I write.
So here is what I've come up with.
 Start with Bear's Pup - RFH  -Rescue for Hire
Jack's Sweets - RFH
Damian's Treble - RFH
Leo's Alex - RFH
Commander's Spitfire - RFH
Now you can continue with Rescue for Hire, but Tyler's Transformation-The Crazy Angle Ranch would be the best next one to read.
Xavi's Wild Ride - Crazy Angle
The Farmer Takes the Cook and the Foreman - Crazy Angle
Paulie's Protector-Crazy Angle
Grabriel's Pretty - RFH
Dominated and Claimed - Granite County
Controlling His Men - Granite County
Brad's Rock - RFH = Release date Jan 31, 2015

Up next will be two more Granite County stories and then I'm going to go visit the Crazy Angle. Unless of course if my muse pulls me elsewhere.

Have a great Monday

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