Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I am stopping by briefly. Its the end of the month and deadlines are looming. Man Love Fantasies has Andrew Jericho featured today. Please stop by and check out his interview. I have a soft spot for Mr. Jericho.
Update on the things in Bellann's world. Saturday of course Brad's Rock is being released. That book will open up a whole new set of characters.
Right now I am editing Finding Conn's Happiness. That story is part of the anthology with Lynn Hagen, Stormy Glenn and Marcy Jacks. If I'm not mistaken that will be up for pre-order next week.
I'm working on Granite County 4. It's a challenge as one of the main characters has a throat injury and can't speak.
Also Rita and Margaret Savitts won ebook copies of Brad's Rock. Margaret, you need to tell me what format you want it in and your email address.  Next month I will give more books away for the right answers.
TOMORROW Ms. Honor James is visiting us here. Please enjoy and give her a warm welcome.

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