Sunday, August 13, 2017

Wow! Turning on the television has become a terrifying event. So much hate and so much pain. At one time, in another life, I worked with someone whose views made me cringe. At one point in a conversation, I had to leave the room because he scared me with the hate he was spewing. He truly believed anyone who wasn't white, christian , and heterosexual should be wiped off the earth. Horrifying, yes. Nothing anyone can say to him would change his views. Very sad.
The weather is also crazy. Floods, fires, with so many people displaced from their homes. Boy, my post is a bummer today. So, I won't get into politics. That is a whole different matter.
This coming week will be brighter (at least for me) I have a book release on Thursday, and Mr. B and I will be camping for a few days.
Have a wonderful day and let's try something new. Let's respect and love one another.

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