Wednesday, June 14, 2017

What an adventure the last few days have been. Mr. B's surgery went well. He did good in the hospital. Now he is home. I am so thankful.
The hour to the hospital and the hour home each day, for me, was horrendous. We have had major storms, wind, down pours, thunder, and lightening. Everytime I got into the car, the storms hit. What a nightmare.
Our sons came and helped me bring Mr. B home. The sun shown all the way home. When I had to go to the nearby town to get Mr. B's prescriptions, of course, the skys opened and we had a major storm. Now I'm home and we can go on to the healing part. Yay!
Today, Cameron and Keaton (Operation True One) is up for pre-sale at Siren Publishing.You can find it here.

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