Monday, June 19, 2017

Good Monday Morning.
Another week to enjoy the summer here in the U.S.A. We've been having quite a few storms over the last few days. I can't complain at not having to water the garden or flowers.
Writing is going well. I'm working on Silver and Mikey's story. This is book 2 of Operation True One. Book 1, Cameron and Keaton was supposed to be a stand alone story. I wrote it while trying to get through a nasty bout of writer's block after a series of health issues. Now there will be a few more.
I'm also working on a short story for the Summer ManLove blog Stormy Glenn puts on. I haven't participated for a while, but thought it was time to have fun with that group. I believe it will start July 1st.
Lastly, Reese, from Rescue for Hire West, started talking late one night last week. I got out of bed and wrote down what he was saying down. I have to admit that what I wrote turned out pretty good. But first, I owe you Parker's story.
Update on Mr. B. He's doing well. We made it through the first week of his healing.
One thing I should mention. I absolutely love your comments. I always try to reply. Unfortunately with the way this blog is set up, sometimes I can't find your comments. I know they are there, but no matter how much I search, I can't locate them. So, please know I do see them.
So Wendy, in answer to your question. Parker will get his story. I have stated I will be writing Rescue for Hire West Stories this summer. Operation True One series has cut into my intentions, but I will be adding to the RFHW series soon.

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