Monday, June 5, 2017

My friend and fellow author, Dani Gray, has submitted two, yes two, stories to Siren Publishing. She is new to this part of the game, although she has worked in the biz for years. It's fun to hear the excitement in her voice as she goes through the process of publishing a book with a publisher.
Now, I have nothing against indie writers. I have many friends who are indie writers. I just think its a good idea if an author can have the opportunity of cutting their teeth with a publisher first. It gives them the experience and a name before they go out on their own. This is just my opinion, not any criticism whats-so-ever.
Now back to Dani. Here is the link to her blog
I might have had a peek at her first two stories and I enjoyed them. Take a look and I'll keep you posted on her progress in getting a publication date.


  1. The blurbs on Dani's books looks great. Can't wait for them to be released.