Friday, June 2, 2017

I can't believe it's Friday already. Wow! Happy almost weekend.
I know some of you are itching for another Rescue for Hire West story. I also receive emails for hopes more Crazy Angle and of course Dominic's story in Granite County. I have learned the hard way that trying to push a story doesn't work. That is a good way to end up with weeks of writer's block.
Yesterday I thought to work on Parker's story from Rescue for Hire West. Yes, his story is started. As I was thinking about what was going to happen, this scene popped into my head. I guess before Parker's story, we will have another Operation True One. Although I think I will try to work on both stories at once.
Here is the scene that popped into my head. Have a great weekend.

If you have to die, why couldn’t it be quick? Staring into the dripping jaws of an enraged Kodiak grizzly bear wasn’t quite working out for Mikey Johnston.
Lifting the can of counter assault bear deterrent spray, Mikey prepared to dowse the snarling animal a good one.
Mikey glanced over at his cousin Charlie. It was all he could do not to roll his eyes at the way the man was swinging a knife around as if he were in a Kung Fu movie.
“Charlie,” Mikey shouted above the bear shifter’s deep growls. “What are you doing?”
“It’s called distraction.” Charlie lifted one foot in the air and jabbed out with the knife, not getting anywhere near the bear. “If I keep moving, he won’t know where to look first.”
“I don’t think he cares what you are doing.” Mikey raised the can of bear repellent higher when the bear took a step closer. “It’s Dante he’s after.”
“Yeah, what the hell did you do to him?” Charlie called over his shoulder.
Out of the corner of his eye, Mikey saw a half-naked Dante hopping around on one foot, trying to shove his foot into his pants leg.
“He didn’t mind the awesome blowjob I gave him,” Dante called back. “It was only when I took off my pants and he saw my birthmark that he went nuts.”
“And you didn’t think that was going to happen?” Charlie’s sarcasm was clear to hear.
“At least tell me he’s your true one,” Mikey yelled.
The Kodiak pushed off his front feet and stood up. Holy shit!
“Nope,” Dante answered. “But he was fun to play with while it lasted.”
Mikey sighed, knowing there was nothing he could do to stop his wayward cousin. Dante lived to the beat of a different drummer. Long hair, a nose stud, and earrings were just of few of the ways he set himself apart from the rest of them. An over-the-top, cocky attitude had them all in hot water more times than Mikey could count.
“Shouldn’t Keaton and his mate be here by now?” With on leg held out straight, Charlie twirled in a circle. “Maybe another bear shifter can talk some sense into this guy.”
“Stop that,” Mikey ordered. “I expected them fifteen minutes ago. Maybe traveling with a baby is taking them longer to get here.”
Towering over them on its hind legs, the Kodiak bear shifter roared, and took a few steps toward them. Mikey and Charlie moved back. Mikey’s finger settled on the bear spray’s trigger.

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