Monday, April 10, 2017

Not quite a year ago, I went out and bought all new appliances. The microwave stopped working, the stove worked if you kicked it, and the dishwasher's start button was broken. So, I saved my money and purchased pretty new appliances. (And they were all the same color, wow)
Since then, the repairman has been out to our house 5 times. 4 of those were for the refrigerator alone. The ice maker only gives out enough ice for 1 glass a day. It also freezes up so you can't open it to see what the problem is. We also had problems with the microwave. When you turned it on, it made a horrible sound.
Today, the repairman will be visiting us again. The ice maker is still not working and now one burner of my horribly expensive stove is burned out. I purposely bought the higher end model as I like to cook and wanted a quality product. So much for that idea. I have never had so many problems before.
We will see if the repairman gets his way and they order a new refrigerator for us. The poor man has replaced the entire door, the ice maker twice, and enough individual parts to fill a box.
Ah, the adventures of life. Will keep you updated.


  1. I think you're breaking things on purpose cuz the repair man is cute and your Muse needs some imagery. Lol.

    1. Nope, he's not on the cute meter. But he's doing his best to repair the problem.