Friday, March 10, 2017

I just ordered Christine Feehan's latest paperback book. I loved her earlier works in the Dark series. Unfortunately she went in a new story direction and changed the book style of her later books, and I no longer read them.
I read the reviews on the book I ordered. Now, I know how unfair reviews can be, but I think I can get a feel for the book by what some of them say. So, I found the reviews either loved the book or absolutely hated it. That is interesting. To me, that says Ms. Feehan invoked an emotional reaction with this book. That was enough for me to take a chance.
 I have told myself that I may not open this new book until I finish my current WIP. That means I have until Monday to finish, as that will be when the book is supposed to arrive. Because, we all know that I will be unable to resist reading the first page (right, only the first page) when it is delivered.
I hope your weekend is all you hope it can be. I will be hopefully writing. My muse has slowed as my knee pain has increased. I hope to find the words to describe the scene in my head. If I don't pop back here, remember to turn your clocks forward Saturday night. Spring ahead, fall back.


  1. I read that series also. Loved it. Would like to know what you think about this new series.

  2. I am a big fan of her Game series and Jaguar series. I am so looking forward to MD's book. I've been rereading the series & have enjoyed them even more.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. Thank you Shannon. You have a great weekend also. MD's story will be out tomorrow. You'll have let me know what you think of it.