Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I am reviewing and adding to my current WIP. At 15,000 words it has stalled a bit. This isn't unusual. I have the ground work down. (meeting the main characters) Now the actual story begins. I will work on it this morning and if the story continues not to flow, I will contact my beta reader and have a brainstorming session.
I did find a snippet for you. If you are a member of my fb fan group, its the same one I posted yesterday. If you missed it, here it is.

The slippery eels of pot, pills, and alcohol slide through Daniel’s system. He knew he was playing a dangerous game mixing that stuff with the prescriptions the doctors issued him.  Maybe if he actually cared, he’d be worried.
He hadn’t expected the big guy to sit down in his wheelchair, or to be sitting on the man’s lap. Deep in his muddy mind he wondered at the gentle hands that had set him there. The guy looked dangerous with his long black hair and the scruff covering the lower half of his face. Daniel expected rough, bruising hands, and a badass attitude.
A thread of panic pierced through the haze of his mind. He’d been helpless at the hands of evil before, he wouldn’t survive if that happened again.
“What’s your name, and what do you do for a living?” he demanded.
“You can call me Laser,” the big man answered.
“I can call you asshole if I want,” Daniel responded. “What I want to know is what your real name is. Let me see your driver’s license.”
One thick eyebrow rose to the center of the man’s forehead. In the dim room, the guy’s eyes shown almost silver they were so light. Daniel was intrigued, but leery.
“Hey,” Holt rested his hand on Daniel’s arm. “He seems okay.”
Daniel brushed off Holt’s hand, ignoring the trembling bottom lip and hurt clouding his eyes. “Listen, I learned the hard way that you can’t be too careful.” Daniel pointed at Laser. “This guy could snap us in half, eat us for dinner and still have room for desert.”
The muscled arm encircling Daniel’s waist and stretching around to include Holt held them both secure before the lap they were sitting on shifted. Daniel grabbed onto Laser’s leather vest even as he was being pulled against a hard, wide chest. Distracted, he turned his head and lay against the softness of the animal hide before slipping his hand beneath and caressing the muscles through the thin material of a black T-shirt.
“Stop playing with fire, baby,” Laser reprimanded. “And look at the license you demanded.”
Daniel didn’t want to quit running his fingers over the delicious ridges of the man’s abdomen, but he would never go through being captured and tortured ever again.
Grabbing the wallet being held under his nose, Daniel reached into his pocket and took out his phone.
Seconds later his brother, Pen’s voice spoke in his ear, “Daniel, are you okay? It’s almost midnight.”
“I’m with two men,” Daniel spoke every word with careful enunciation trying to not let on that he was buzzed. “Abraham Ravensky and Holt…” He looked over at Holt and waited.
“Holt McCoy,” the man answered his silent question.
Daniel repeat the man’s name and said, “I just wanted you to know who I was with.”
“Holt works at the convenience store over on Center Street,” Pen stated. “He’s cool. But I never heard of Abraham Ravensky. You be careful Daniel. Why won’t you move back in here with us? Are you drunk? You sound funny.”
Daniel grabbed the still smoldering joint in Holt’s hand and sucked in the calming smoke. The marijuana was taken out of his hand and crushed under Abraham’s booted foot. Abraham? Man, the guy looked more like a Steel or … Laser.
“Daniel, are you listening to me?” Pen huffed.
“What?” Daniel pulled his mind back to Pen and the telephone conversation.
“Shadow says Abraham is his friend from their mercenary unit,” Pen answered. “They call him Mr. Laser.”
Ha… Daniel decided it would be a cold day in hell when he called him, Mr. The man would be Laser or maybe Abie baby. Yeah, that would be fun. Daniel ended the call with Pen yelling his name, and put the device in his pocket.
He brave thoughts ended when Laser cupped his cheek and half his head with his big hand.
“Did I pass muster, baby?” Laser asked.
Holt’s hand crept into his, and for some reason Daniel felt surrounded by a protective cloak of security. That alien emotion spooked Daniel, and he pushed Laser’s hand away, yanked his hand out of Holt’s, and tried to jump off Laser’s lap.
Daniel’s legs collapsed and he would have fallen to the floor if Laser hadn’t grabbed him and pulled him back next to Holt.
“Let’s get out of here,” Laser stated.
“What do you say, Daniel,” Holt spoke up. “Do you want to leave with me and Laser?”


  1. Wow :) Thanks for the sneaky peak - makes it harder to wait though ;)

    1. This is Laser's story. I'm trying hard to finish it.