Thursday, February 23, 2017

Still waiting for MD's cover. I'm sure it will arrive soon. I will keep you updated.
I have been working on plans for the GRL convention. It will be in Denver, CO in October. Mr. B cannot go with me. My oldest son has said he would be my driver, and my daughter would also like to go. They are both adults and would like to see what GRL is all about. Also with two new knees, less than a year old, there is no way I could make the over 16-hour drive by myself. We did talk about me flying. That would be an alternative possibility.
Yesterday we had 65-degree temperatures. The weatherman has issued a warning for tonight. By Saturday we are expecting 6 inches of snow. Crazy, crazy weather.
Well, back to Laser's story. I'm at the point where I've introduced the three men in the menage. Now I have to figure out where this story is going. I think this story will be going in a whole new direction than by past ones.

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