Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I'm still waiting for the cover for MD's story. It better get here soon as I believe the book will go up for pre-sale by Friday. Maybe it will be coverless?
Last summer and fall I added to the Lubirea Mai series. I'm not saying there won't be any more stories for that series, but I pretty much covered what I wanted to in those stories. I will be revamping #4 Finding Conn's Happiness and rereleasing it as a single.
I am currently working on telling the stories of Granite County. There will be two more stories after MD's, and unless something or someone jumps up, waving their hands, I think Granite County will pretty much be done.
The Crazy Angle series has a few more stories, but at the moment, they aren't talking.
Rescue for Hire may have a reunion story, but that's it unless something major happens.
Rescue for Hire West is the series I will be concentrating on this summer. The rest of the guys need their stories told.
I'm wondering if readers would be interested in another branch of the rescue gang set in Montana or Colorado? Or maybe the south, such as Florida, Georgia, or Louisiana? Just some random thoughts.
Have a wonderful day


  1. Louisiana!!! That would be awesome. Actually any series would be awesome, but I love the south.

    1. So I guess that's a yes for more Rescue for Hire teams.

  2. yes please love all the rescue for hire maybe go through all the states lol

  3. So ridiculously excited for the rest of Granite County and Rescue for Hire West! Parker's Story Please!!! I also think Montana or Colorado would be an awesome setting for a new branch of Rescue for Hire.