Saturday, January 14, 2017

Still working on my writer's block and sleeping at night. Maybe I can build on this small scene that came to me one day.

A group of concerned men and women surrounded the red-faced teddy bear. Hands pushed aside shaking fuzzy paws and yanked on the stubborn zipper at the bear’s neck sending him stumbling back until a gray-faced ghoul caught him.
Cameron Nelson had seen enough. Making his way through the crowd of dancing Halloween partiers, Cam used his impressive height and muscle to reach the man he had been watching all evening.
Eyes, large enough to drown in, widened as he drew near.
Leaning down, he put his mouth next to the man’s real ear, covered in fake fur, and ordered, “Turn around.”
Satisfaction at the man’s instant response soothed Cam’s irritation. He had no patience for people man-handling someone who had snared his interest and kept it throughout the evening.