Sunday, January 15, 2017

How about a little more of that story.

A quick jerk had the zipper free from the snagging plastic hair, and Cam opened the man’s costume revealing a tight T-shirt and painted on jeans. He didn’t bother to resist skimming his fingertips over the sweet curve of the man’s lower back or the round globes of the man’s ass. Nice.
“Keaton, are you okay? I told you that costume would be too hot to dance in.”
A man in a French maid’s costume stood in front of Cam, and was looking down at the man who had garnered Cam’s attention. Giving the newcomer a deliberate message, Cam put his arm across the man’s fur-covered chest and pulled him back into the protection of his body.
“Whoa.” The man stepped back and raised his hands, one holding a fluffy duster. “I see you’ve met someone. Damn, how do you always find big, bad, and gorgeous?”
The man in Cam’s arms moved. Cam tightened his hold and the man settled down. The instant compliance soothed any building annoyance he felt at the interruption of getting to know the man who had grabbed his notice the moment he had arrived at the bar’s annual Halloween party.
The crowd around them disbursed, and the maid disappeared into the mass of dancing bodies, leaving Cam alone with the little bear in his arms. Cam suppressed a chuckle. If only he knew that a real bear was holding him.


  1. I want! I want!! This is awesome--any chance it might be a book one day?? LOVE!!

    1. Right now I'm just adding to it and letting you read it