Monday, December 26, 2016

I need to push aside all the excuses and get writing. Yes, it's a busy time of the year and a lot of challenges have blind sided me. I did find out one thing. Good drugs to combat pain does not make writing easier. It kind of fogs up the brain.
It will be two weeks tomorrow that I had a knee replacement. Some say the first two weeks are the hardest. I'll listen to that and ignore the people that say its the first month that is crappy. I have been working hard with the torture exercises. I have even been sneaking a few steps without the walker. Mr. B caught me today and asked if I wanted to land myself in big trouble. I wondered what kind of trouble he was thinking of. Some can be sooo much fun.
Okay, maybe I'm not up for gymnastics yet, but because I'm thinking about them is a turn in the right direction, right?
Well, tomorrow is physical therapy and I'm sure the head torturer will have some new exercises for me.  And that's okay. I didn't go through this major surgery to not give it my all to heal in the right way. Now, if I could only get back to the writing.

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