Saturday, September 10, 2016

I finished a new Lubirea Mai story. I call it Brooms, Duct Tape, and Kittens. I'm hoping it will be released in October. We'll see what Siren will say.
I'm busy working on edits for Lubirea Mai 5 - If Only Loving a Cheetah Were Easy. I need to get it back to Siren by Tuesday. As Mr. B and I are leaving for a camping trip on Tuesday, the edits have to be done before.
This will be the last camping trip of the season. I love camping. I am so ready.
I'm going to work on MD's story while camping. I love sitting at the picnic table under the camper's canopy and write. I don't care if it rains. I just enjoy the getting away and relaxing.
But first, the work needs to be completed.

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