Thursday, September 15, 2016

Hello, from camping in the middle of the woods with hit and miss wifi. Tomorrow we will be heading home. Home is nice, but camping is relaxing, sort of. Maybe not this trip. One boat trailer tire blowing out on the interstate, one truck back tail light burned out, horrible, horrible meal at DQ on the way up to site, dog got bumped by camper as Mr. B was adjusting it, (he's okay) while taking a ride in the boat we hit a log, (always scary), little dog didn't want to stay in boat with Mr. B while I park the truck and jumped into the river, (very scary) (Mr. B saved him). Okay, this trip gave me a few gray hairs.

On to good stuff. Brooms, Duct Tape, and Kittens will be released Octorber17th. If Only Loving A Cheetah Were Easy is now on pre-sale.
 I promise to update this blog when I get back home. Have a wonderful day.

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