Sunday, July 3, 2016

Wow! Two post in one day. If you are looking for a snippet of my current work in progress go to the post below. If you want to read some random thoughts from an author, read on.
I just spent the morning reading Rescue for Hire 10 - Shadow's Pen. I love Shadow. When I wrote that story I had so much fun, because, face it, we would all love to have a Shadow in our lives.
When the story was released to Amazon, I received a pretty harsh review. Now, I'm used to acid reviews. Goodreads has slammed me from the first sentence I wrote. But this review ripped me in a caring way. Now, rereading the story I realize I could have added 500 to 1000 more words and it would have ended up being a more well-rounded story.
I stepped back from Rescue for Hire after Shadow. There really wasn't any more men I could have added. I also was concentrating on new and exciting adventures such as Battle Bunnies and Holiday Stories.
But my readers never forget characters that they'd like to know what happened to. I wondered what happened to them too. I still get asked about Granite County's MD and the fire chief. Everyone wants to know about Stan from The Crazy Angle. Then there is Daniel, Pen's brother, and the guy helping fix the train derailment in Commander's Spitfire.
After reading Shadow's Pen, I got to thinking, and some of the puzzle pieces fell into place. I realized the people I thought should go together didn't want to be with each other. They have a different adventure in mind.
So as you saw in the post below, I am working on a Lubirea Mai story. After that, I think Granite County and a Holiday Story will make an appearance.
What about Rescue for Hire West you ask? They will continue.
Be patient my readers. I am not a fast writer and there is one more bunny story that will come out in August. I also have a fairy named Phil that has a story. I wonder if any of you realized you first met Phil in the Anthology I wrote with Stormy Glenn, Lynn Hagen, and Marcy Jacks? Then you learned more about  him in ManLove Fantasies winter addition with his future mate River. On the 9th of July, you will meet him again in ManLove Fantasies summer blog.
Well, enough of my meanderings. I need to take the dogs outside for a walk and then back to working on Lubirea Mai. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the what's left of the weekend.

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