Sunday, July 3, 2016

Rainbow Book Reviews has been reviewing my Rescue for Hire Series. The latest review was for Spencer's Reluctant Rescuer. You can find it here.

 Here's a very unedited snippet of a story I will be working on today.

For now the danger had passed and Silver’s warmth seeped into Tye’s cold bones. Tye knew if they didn’t deepen the bond by having sex their world was going to consist of terrible mental and horrible physical pain. Tye laid his head against Silver’s wide chest and listened to his heartbeat. For cheetahs, the heartbeat of a loved one was calming and made them feel secure. Tye began purring.
Fingers stroked through Tye’s hair and down his back. Tye arched into the caress and purred harder.

“Hold it together, Ronnie.” Silver’s deep voice rumbled next to Tye’s ear. “We’ll get this all figured out.”
Tye lifted his head and looked around. In his bliss of being with Silver he must have missed something.
Under the window, the blond had half his face covered by a black T-shirt and was shaking so hard his curls bobbed. Wide dark brown eyes stared up at them from just above the material. Ten feet away, lay a dead lion with a huge bloody hole in its belly.
Crap, they were in big trouble. Dread washed over Tye.
Silver’s fingers lifted Tye’s chin until he was looking up at his mate. “Why can I feel that?”
Tye blinked. Silver was tall before, but Tye could swear he was even taller now.
“Answer me, little cat,” Silver demanded.
"We’ve started the bonding process,” Tye explained. “As we get closer to sealing the bond, the path will open more and everything between us will get clearer.”
“Do you want to explain what that means?” Silver asked.
“We’ll be able to sense each others feelings and some mates can even tell if their mate is near.” Tye’s gaze settled on the dead lion. “I need to call the council. I’m sure the lion representative knows one of his own is dead, but if we don’t report it, we could be in more trouble than we already are.”
At the frown marring Silver’s brown, Tye automatically began rubbing his hands on the big man’s chest hoping to sooth.
“Those men…things broke in here to kill us,” Silver pointed out. “Why would we be in trouble?”
“Shifters…they are lion shifters,” Tye corrected. “Most council representatives wouldn’t have a problem if one of their own died committing a crime. But I’m a cheetah and a human witnessed the event. That isn’t good. There will be penalties.”
“Did he just say he was a cheetah?” Ronnie broke into the conversation. “Silver, my man, what the hell is going on? We need to go find whoever sold us these drugs and put the hurt on them. I’m telling ya, this trip isn’t any fun at all.”
Tye pushed on Silver’s chest. “You need to let me go. If a council agent shows up before I call, everything will be so much worse than it already is.”
Silver loosened his arms, but didn’t let Tye go. “Okay, call.”
Tye didn’t know whether to laugh at Silver’s antics for melt into a puddle of goo.
“Um…” Tye wiggled around, waiting for Silver to set him free. “I need some room to make the call.”
“You’re fine where you are, now make the call,” Silver instructed.

Today's author at ManLove Fantasies is Andrew Jericho. Enjoy and leave a comment on the Manlove page to have a chance at winning a prize.