Friday, May 27, 2016

What a wonderful release day I had. Thank you, readers. The comments have been so positive. Again, thank you.
Yesterday I managed to get the cover questionnaire for The Tracker's Destiny Finds Him Again in to Siren. Soon I should have a cover to share with you.
Stormy Glenn and I also sent in the final edits for Beaumont's Story. That story will be out Tuesday.
Along with the bunnies, I am working on two other stories. I needed to take a break in writing the Rescue for Hire West series and am telling a tale in the Lubirea Mai series. I am also starting another series. I've decided that I will not send in any books in the new series until I have a few completed. I'm thinking I will have the covers premade also. We'll see how that goes.
Now on to writing.

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