Monday, May 30, 2016

To all U.S.A. readers, Happy Memorial Day. Today we honor our fallen service men and women. Because of their sacrifice, we have our freedom.
To all others, Happy Monday. It is the day that many go back to work. 
I will be writing while I make a seafood salad, cake, popcorn, and prepare the brats for the grill. I just looked at the word brat and want to point out that those are a meat product that is a little bigger than a hotdog, not a naughty child. We don't grill children, they tend to be a little tough. (just kidding) My kids are coming over for supper. A little get together to honor the day.
Yesterday was a tough day for some of my family. One of my older cousins passed away, another had a stroke, and another was riding his bike and the bike had a malfunction. He ended up in the emergency room with broken bones in his face. Wow.
On the book front. Tomorrow Beaumont will be released at Siren. I hope you enjoy this Battle Bunnies story I had the pleasure of writing with Stormy Glenn.