Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tuesday Teaser Day!
Yesterday I worked on several stories. I just kept jumping between them. It was kind of fun. Today's teaser is from a Lubirea Mai story. Tye had just been rescued by a man on a motorcycle and discovers something important but maybe not welcome.

Tye licked his lips, leaned forward until his nose was next to the thick tanned neck in front of him, and breathed deeply. Starbursts of light exploded behind Tye’s eyelids, and adrenaline shot through his bloodstream sending pulses of heat to his groin. He thought he had been hard before from the rumbling motorcycle, now Tye’s hard-on had become painful.
The scent tantalizing his nose told Tye two things, no three things. One, the man before him was human. Two, he was Tye’s mate. And three, Tye was screwed six ways to Sunday.
If he could have, Tye would have pounded his fists against something in anger and frustration. Why did life have to be so unfair? He was a lowly cheetah and a scrawny one at that. Tye needed a mighty lion or huge, vicious tiger for a mate. Instead, he got a human.

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