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Today we have Andrew Jericho's idea of what happened in the picture. I like stories of princes. Royalty are hot. To leave a comment to win a prize, you need to go here:


This is what I think happens in this picture...
All for Love
Part 1
By Andrew Jericho
Sometimes to prove a point, a man has to ruin an Armani suit.  Yosef smiled while adjusting his tie in the mirror. There was no way in hell he was asking Zander to marry him, unless he looked his best.  Commit to me, Zander.   The Dom’s proposal had been rehearsed to perfection, yet the hands of the man shook.  He continued adjusting his tie.  The hot twink, swimming in his private pool, would never hear the curses and angry rants of his father. 
The Crown Arab Prince, Yousef Ahmed, had been stripped of his title that morning.  The king had disowned and banished his oldest son.  Yousef’s mother had pleaded for mercy.  His younger brother and sister wept.  Regardless, royal blood still flowed through Yousef’s veins. He was thirty-five.  Well of age to take a partner.  Just like his ancestors before him. The conversation Yousef had with his father echoed in his thoughts. 
* * * *
“None of our male ancestors desired to lie with men.  This young man is almost half your age.  Spilling your seed, and not producing me an heir!”  The King vehemently cursed. 
“Father, please—”
“I’d prefer to be addressed as, ‘Your Majesty.’”
“Fuck you!”
“I have covered the indiscretions of my playboy son far too long—the expensive cars, drugs, and sexual deviances.  My closest confidants have observed you frequenting unground sex clubs.”
“Not in the last year.  I’m driving a modest SUV.  I got clean of the heroin.  BDSM is not a form of sexual deviance.  I’ve found love in Zander.  A soul mate."
“Whips and chains, I presume?”
“There are many types of lovemaking.”
“Oh I’m sure.”
“I’ve made mistakes.  You’re not perfect either, Your Majesty.  Fucking other women behind Mother’s back!  Treating us like property.  We’re your family!” 
“The only mistake I ever made was believing you would take my place.”
“I love Zander.  He will be my prince.”
“Get out!  For your mother’s sake, I’m giving you twenty-four hours to pack your home and leave.  After that, there will be a price on your head.” 
* * * *
Yousef turned from the mirror.  He admired the object of his affections swimming laps.  Zander Girard was a twenty two year old Canadian exchange student. They had met in an underground BDSM dungeon.  For a year, the pair was inseparable.  Through the sliding glass doors Yousef relived their history from romantic friends to soon to be passionate lovers.  
Last winter, Yousef had approached the young man at the bar.  Zander was a new face.  A pretty face.  Love quickly replaced lust.  As an experienced Dom, Yousef had recognized Zander’s curiosity and sense of adventure.  Zander was the type of twink a man became friends with first.  Yousef hadn’t known how arousing building love would be, until it took hold of his heart.
Zander could never be a quick fuck.  His submission had to be earned.  The playboy in Yousef was a thing of the past.  Romantic dinners at his private estate.  Midnight swims in the pool adjacent to the master bedroom.  Intimate conversations in which Yousef learned Zander desired the lifestyle.  Their negotiating was set to slow-simmer.  Sharing needs.  To stage a scene, Yousef wanted their hearts to play.  Their bodies would reap the pleasures.    
The definition, ‘lover,’ had taken new meaning.  Yousef and Zander hadn’t shared more than intimate kisses.  The memory of the young man’s taste hardened the Dom’s cock.  Warm lips always readily accepted Yousef’s affections.
Yousef loved their similarities, but craved their differences with mad desire.  At six foot, each man possessing brown hair and eyes, those traits were cherished.  The contrast between Yousef’s rough flesh and Zander’s silken skin was to be explored. 
Adjusting the hard-on in his suit pants, Yousef willed his passions to cool.  Taking the young man in his pool was neither appropriate, nor befitting of his definition for gentlemanly conduct.  They would be intimate soon, in a manner to satisfy the ache in Yousef’s heart. 
Opening the sliding doors, Yousef stepped into a steamy spa.  The indoor pool was a constant seventy degrees.  A swim in its waters eased the desert heat in summer.  In winter, it was a warm retreat from cool mountain air. 
Outside his lavish estate, snow had begun to fall.  Winter was a time of new beginnings—a desolate, but passionate awakening of the soul which gave way to spring.  Yousef wanted a new life with the man he loved.    
Yousef walked into the pool.  He made his way to Zander.  The Dom pulled the young man into his arms, lifting him from the water.  Yousef pressed his lips to Zander’s mouth.  Smooth legs went around Yousef’s waist.  Zander moaned.  Yousef abandoned all thought, as he slipped a hand into the twink’s swim trunks.  Zander’s buttocks were soft.  The smooth skin unknown to any man, until now. 
 Releasing Zander’s lips, Yousef pressed their foreheads together.   “Commit to me, Zander.  I’m much in love.” 
Zander nodded.  “I love you, too, Yousef.  Come back to Canada with me.”
“I’ve made many mistakes, but never with you.  Leaving my county will hurt, but what I’m holding heals that. All for love.  Everything I do now.”
“The king was angry?”
“Livid. Men like my father don’t change.  My mother and siblings will never leave.  I’ve got to accept that and begin again.  A new life with you.”      
“I’m responsible for this.”
“The things you’re responsible for are the love in my heart and the ache in my cock.”
“And ruining your suit.”
“A man should be well dressed when he’s asking for a man’s hand.”  Yousef’s voice quieted.  He finished removing Zander’s swim trucks.  He set the young man on his feet.  Then he began stripping himself of his suit. 
“I…we’re…I saw you approaching me.  I’m not making any sense.  I told myself if you put your hands on me, we’d go further.  I want love, trust, all the secrets we’ve shared this year.  I see it in your eyes, too.  Not just the proposal, but you’re asking my permission.”
“I am.  I hope we have the love and trust.  I’ll take care of you.  I promise that.  I want the first time we make love to be here.  While I still feel like a prince.  A man who has something to offer his betrothed.
Completely nude they stood in each other’s arms.  The warm water caressing their skin. 
“He banished you, didn’t he?”  Zander asked.  “How long before we have to go?”
Yousef’s eyes locked with Zander’s worried expression.  “A day.  Twenty-four hours.  We’re already packed.  Two bags like we discussed, if things went sour.”
“My dad has the papers ready.  The Canadian government is granting you political asylum.  Regardless you’ll be my husband.”
“I’m lucky, then, to be in love with a man who father works for consular affairs.”
“Any regrets?”  Zander asked.
“Yes.  That I’ve been with many men.  I don’t deserve your untouched body, or your innocent heart.”
“I’m not that innocent.”  Zander’s mischievous smile lit his face.  “Don’t matter.  You’ve gained my trust.  My submission, too.”  Zander’s voice softened.  His gaze left Yousef’s face.
“What every Dom wants to hear.  You’re what every dominant man desires to hold in his arms.  Wait?”  Yousef put some distance between them.  “The papers?  Did you already know about my proposal? I only asked your father for your hand.  I didn’t ask for asylum.”
“Dad told me about your proposal.  He’s known for months I’ve been in love with you.  Dad didn’t want us on the run for the rest of our lives.”
“You conniving little tease.”  Yousef’s light-hearted voice matched Zander’s tone.
“I want to call my Dad!”  Zander broke away from Yousef’s embrace.  He swam to the edge of the pool, retrieving his cell phone from a nearby lounge chair. 
Yousef joined Zander at the water’s edge.  While the young man talked to his father, Yousef kissed the side of his lover’s neck. The excitement in Zander’s voice continued to ignite Yousef’s passions. 
“Dad says we need to be at the extraction point at midnight our time.  He’s sending Canadian Spec Ops for us.  I’ve got the coordinates.  Five miles from your estate, further up into the mountains.”  Zander laid the phone back down.
“We’ll follow your plans, my love.  Seven hours till rendezvous, though?”  Yousef lifted Zander, and carried him out of the pool.  The discarded swim trunks and suit floated on the surface.  “Making love to you, with one hand on my AK-47, was not what I expected for our first time.”
 “I like big things that shoot.” Zander laughed, and then wrapped his arms around Yousef’s neck.
Yousef groaned.  As their bodies dripped water across the marble floor, the Dom entertained carnal thoughts of his dick shooting cum inside Zander’s ass.  Coming anywhere else his young lover damn well pleased, too.
He laid Zander on the bed.  They were soaked.  Neither man cared.  Yousef covered Zander’s body with his own.  “From the moment my eyes found yours in the dungeon, I knew love was in my heart.  I wanted to be the first man to make your needs his own.”
“Yeah, right.” Zander smiled.  “You didn’t know I was a virgin.”
“I knew.  Submissives don’t usually go to dungeons unaccompanied by their Doms.  Some go for play, though.  You weren’t playing.”
“Experienced submissives can have drinks at bars.”
Zander trembled beneath Yousef’s flesh.  “I’ve thought about this moment many times.  What we’d do.  Say.  I’ve told you everything I want, and I’m still shaking.  I’m beneath a prince.”
“Banished and dethroned.”
“You’re my prince. We’re about to make love.  And it’s crazy and dangerous.  Other men have been in your bed, but I’ll be the last.”
“The only one who ever captured my heart and took possession of my soul.  Proof I’m love’s prison.  A dominant man held captive by his submissive partner.”
Yousef lost himself in the love reflected in his partner’s eyes.  He placed a finger over Zander’s mouth shushing any further conversation.  After he was sure Zander would remain quiet, he rubbed the same appendage over his lover’s lips.
Yousef rolled off Zander’s body.  He retrieved a lavishly decorated black box from beneath his bed.  “When we’re done with its contents, this leaves with us.  I hope you find my gear to your liking?  All purchased according to the secrets of your heart.”
Climbing back onto the bed, Yousef opened the lid.  He retrieved two masquerade masks.  One white.  One black.  He slipped the light colored fabric onto Zander’s face.  Yousef donned the midnight silk on his own. “Innocence lost, submissive.  Paradise gained.”

All for Love
Part 2
Coming 01/15

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