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This is what I think happens in this picture...

Sometimes there are moments in life where you are just happy to be.
Bret James was having one of those as he savored the strong hand guiding him into the log house that had been his home for many years. He didn’t think there would come a day when he would tire of his bear of a man taking charge. Every now and then it was fun challenging those controlling ways, just to reap the benefits of Cade asserting his dominance. Warm tingles ran up the back of Bret’s neck at one memory of Cade’s unrelenting mouth on his dick until Bret was pleading to come.
“That was one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever seen, bear.” Bret glanced back at Cade as they walked through the kitchen. “You were so handsome up there on the stage as Jack’s best man. For a while, I didn’t think they were going to pull off the whole Hayward family getting married all at once, but it was magnificent.”
“Yes, it was.” Cade’s muscled arm came around Bret’s shoulders before lips brushed against his temple. “Would you like to go for a swim, baby?”
“That would be fun.” While Bret was envisioning warm water and being wrapped in Cade’s arms, another need intruded. “The house sure is quiet. Do you think we should call my mom and see how they are doing?”
Bret was pulled closer to Cade’s hard body. Not in a million years would he get sick of plastering himself against all those hard muscles.
“You know they’re having a ball with Grandma and Grandpa.” Cade reminded him. “We’ll go over and get them tomorrow right after breakfast.”
“I know you’re right. I just worry.” Bret looked up into Cade’s deep blue eyes. “They’ve been through so much.”
Of the four foster children he and Cade had taken in, they had adopted them all except for the tiny baby girl that had arrived a couple of months ago. Her drug addicted mother couldn’t find the strength to fight the chemicals she had become depended on and yet wasn’t ready to let Bret and Cade adopt her baby. During her last visit, Bret was horrified at how the drugs were winning their attack of destruction on the woman.
At times, no words were needed between Bret and his Cade. Together they cared for each child with healing love and a united front in battling each hurdle life had dealt their new family members. Now as Bret became lost in his lover’s blue eyes, he realized this magical evening that started with the joining of five couples would end in strengthening the already unbreakable bond they shared.
Bret tilted his face up needing Cade’s kiss. The arm around his shoulders tightened bringing him snug into the haven of Cade’s arms. In all their years together, Bret never stopped craving Cade’s taste.
Tongues tangled as the kiss deepened. Bret’s suit coat, as well as his dress shirt soon, fell to the floor under Cade’s questing fingers. The kiss broke with a wet pop, and his T-shirt was pulled over his head.
Bret managed to undo Cade’s red bowtie and half of the buttons of his snow-white shirt before Cade’s demanding kiss sucked Bret down into the abyss of desire.
By the time the kiss ended Bret’s pants were at his ankles.
“Go get the lube, baby, and I’ll grab some towels.” Cade’s fingers brushed the side of Bret’s cheek.
Bret kicked off his shoes and stepped out of his pants before heading for the small half bath. Their days of having lube stashed all over the house were over when the children arrived. After the second time, they found a smiling toddler carrying a tube of slick she had discovered under the couch cushion, adjustments into responsible parenting had to be made.
Standing on his tip-toes, Bret stretched as tall as he could get and reached for the lube on the top shelf of the towel cabinet. As his fingers closed around the smooth plastic bottle, they brushed against something that rocked back and forth. Smiling, Bret had an idea.
Minutes later, clad only in his red underwear, Bret made his way through the darkened house to the addition they had added a few years ago. Many discussions had occurred concerning maintenance, safety, and the amount of use the pool would get, before, in the end, they went for it. The pool turned out to be invaluable in aiding Cade’s rehabilitation on his injured leg. Yes, he still used a cane, but he didn’t need a knee brace, and the leg was getting stronger all the time, even if Cade had twisted it the other day slipping on some ice outside. Bret had worried Cade might have damaged it, but, even though it was sore, it seemed okay as long as the big man took it easy.
Bret opened the door and let the moist, humid air wash over him. Stepping into the room, he looked across the pool and froze.
Cade had taken off his shoes and finished unbuttoning his dress shirt, but still wore the rest of his tuxedo. Naturally tanned skin peeked out from the open folds of the shirt, and invited one to slide their hand inside and explore. Beside Cade was an ice bucket holding a bottle of champagne.
The second Bret’s gaze met Cade’s he knew something big was about to happen. Bret frowned not understanding. They already had everything. The business had grown by leaps and bounds, they lived in a lovely log home, and they were building a wonderful family. Most of all, they had each other.
Bret reached the edge of the pool and went to go around, but paused when Cade smiled. That smile, along with the sparkle of mischief sent tingles of anticipation racing over Bret’s skin. Holding Bret’s gaze, Cade stepped forward into the water, tux and all.
To say Bret was shocked would be an understatement. What the heck was his bear doing? It turned out the water only came up to Cade’s waist on that side of the pool. A chuckle escaped. What a silly man. Now he was going to have to replace that rented tux.
* * * *
The small burst of laughter from Bret eased some of the nerves clambering through Cade Miller. He had wanted to ask this important question for a while now. Shit, after all this time, there shouldn’t be any doubt of what his pup’s answer would be.
The spur of the moment jump into the pool should help. A happy Bret made it easier to get him to see things Cade’s way.
Taking a deep breath, Cade reached into the pocket of his suit jacket and pulled out a small square black box. With his thumb, he flipped the top open and turned it around toward Bret. Nestled in the pillow of white was a thin gold band that belonged next to the commitment ring Bret was already wearing.
“Bret James, it’s time you married me.” Okay, maybe he should have asked, but there was no way he was letting his pup wiggle out of this.
Time stood still. Bret’s velvety brown-eyed gaze rose from the ring in Cade’s grasp to his face. Cade hoped like hell Bret could see the deep love and adoration he felt for him. Bret was his everything, and nothing was stopping Cade from taking advantage of the legal system’s approval of marriage between two men, to tie Bret to him a little tighter.
From the first moment they had met, Cade had sensed Bret’s every want, hope, and dream. Cade made it his mission to fulfill all of Bret’s desires. He had seen the look of longing on Bret’s handsome face during the crazy uproar of planning the wedding they just attended. Bret would have his own wedding, and that was that.
Cade watched as Bret’s mind caught up with his words. Tipping his head to the side, Bret put his hands on his underwear-clad hips. The man was so cute.
“Oh?” Bret’s jaw stuck out in a burst of defiance. “I think you’re supposed to ask me, not demand.”
Cade didn’t say anything, he didn’t have to. Instead, he raised his arm, turned his hand over, palm up, and waited.
Bret’s shoulders slumped. Yeah, the small man would never get away with making demands. Cade ran the show, and that was the way they both preferred it.  As with every time since the moment they met, an unbreakable string pulled his lover to Cade. Leaping into the air, Bret landed in the pool with a giant splash, sending water flying in all directions. Swimming over to Cade, Bret stopped a few feet away and stood.
Serious brown eyes gazed at Cade. “I love you, Cade Miller.”
Love, devotion, possession and passion welled up inside Cade making it hard for him to breathe. Clearing his throat, Cade pulled the ring out and threw the box over his shoulder. “Hold out your hand, love.”
A smile graced Bret’s sweet lips as the thin ring slipped onto his finger. “Are we going to have a big wedding, bear?”
Cade shrugged one shoulder. “Maybe a barbecue.”
Laughter echoed throughout the room just before Bret launched himself at Cade. Sweeping the small man into his arms, Cade covered Bret’s lips and took the kiss he needed as much as his next breath.
Soon Cade wanted more and pushed the scrap of underwear down over Bret’s firm ass. Palming those gorgeous cheeks, Cade let his fingertips dip in between Bret’s crack seeking the beautiful rosette that always gave Cade hours of pleasure. Hard plastic interrupted Cade’s exploration.
Cade broke the kiss and stared down at Bret. “Have you been making plans, pup?”
Bret locked his legs tighter around Cade’s ass, opening himself up wider. “Surprise.”
Cade pulled the butt plug out halfway before pushing it back in with a twist. He loved how Bret’s eyelids drooped with desire. He took a few minutes to fuck Bret with the toy before pulling it out and letting it drop into the water. Bret’s groan was music to his ears.
Lifting Bret away, Cade turned him around and laid him face down on the apron of the pool. With great pleasure he covered Bret’s smaller body with his own. In one push Cade was balls deep inside his man.
Bret’s breaths came out in pants. “Fuck Cade, you’re big.”
Bringing his lips next to Bret’s ear, he said in a low voice, “You didn’t tell me you would marry me.”
Bret turned his head and looked Cade in the eye. “You didn’t tell me you loved me.”
Cade blinked stunned by Bret’s response. “Of course, I love you.”
The keeper of Cade’s heart and soul smiled. “And of course, I’ll marry you.”
They spent the rest of the night whispering words of love mixed with groans of passion.

Read Cade and Bret’s story in Bear’s Pup (Rescue for Hire 1) at Siren Publishing

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