Monday, December 14, 2015

Plan Hayward and the Wedding Planner (A Holiday Story) is now available for pre-sale at Siren Publishing. Yay!

Glen Hayward is honored to announce the December twenty-fifth nuptials of his children, Stephanie, Brad, Tyler, and Brian to their wonderful partners, Derrick, Rock, Graham, and Jack. We hope you can join us for the evening celebration.
The Haywards have a plan. They want to get married to the love of their lives as a family. They are going to need a lot of help to pull this wedding off as Christmas is less than two months away. Thank goodness their father’s best friend is a wedding planner. He’s also the man they know is the real love of their father’s life.
For thirty years Lonnie Shaw has waited for a chance with Glen. He’s delighted when a future together is within reach. But someone shooting at them, cake misshapes, and ex-boyfriends almost derail their love again. No worries, the children have implemented, Plan Hayward and the Wedding Planner.

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