Monday, December 14, 2015

On the fourteenth day of December my true love game to me...
The Arrogant Representative - Luberia Mai 3

“What are you doing?” Jessie pounded on the man’s wide back, trying not to notice the powerful tight ass flexing just below his head.

“Be quiet, human,” the man responded.

“Not a chance.” Now Jessie was getting pissed. The man just called him human like he was an old piece of chewing gum. “What’s your name, asshole? I want to be able to tell the police who kidnapped me.”

“My name is Simon Craydon. You may call me Simon or Sir,” Simon informed him.

Before Jessie could tell the man what he could do with that idea, Jessie was carried to a black limousine. Standing next to the open back door was a scary, large, black-haired man. Simon lowered Jessie into the car and pushed in next to him. Immediately he grabbed Jessie and enclosing him in his arms. The whole thing happened so fast, almost like warp speed, that Jessie didn’t have time to react.

“Where would you like me to drive you, sir?” the black-haired man asked, leaning slightly into the car.

“Just drive around for a while,” Simon ordered.

The closing of the car door pierced through Jessie’s shock and he began to fight. He punched at Simon’s chest, shoulders, and stomach, trying anything to get the man’s iron grip to loosen. The only thing he managed to do was bruise his hands in the process. Lifting his knee, he tried to aim for Simon’s groin and abdomen. That only resulted in Simon moving in one motion, lying Jessie down onto the large wide leather seat and covering his body completely. To Jessie’s utter frustration his arms were now trapped against his sides.

“What do you want?” he asked, looking up into Simon’s piercing green eyes.

It didn’t take a genius to see that Simon was not happy. If Jessie was free, he would be able to touch the spikes of anger exploding from the man. It was kind of weird, but it was like Jessie had a direct line to Simon’s emotions. Fear gripped him when beneath the anger he felt lust building and something firm pressed against his leg.

“Calm down, your fear stinks,” Simon ordered, wrinkling his nose.

“Look, Simon Craydon. You need to let me go now. A lot of people saw you grab me. You know they’ve probably already called the police,” Jessie pointed out.

“Let them,” Simon answered. “Nothing will come of it. Certain people of authority know who I am.”

“Am I’m supposed to be impressed?” Jessie couldn’t believe how conceded this guy was.

“To be honest, I don’t care if you are impressed or not,” Simon responded.

“You’re a dick,” Jessie said.

“Why is it when humans don’t like something someone else says, they respond by calling names?” Simon asked. His tone so superior Jessie wanted to puke.

“Because you are a dick. We, humans, call it like we see it,” Jessie answered.

“I’m going to ignore your vulgarity and get this over with,” Simon said.

Simon’s face leaned toward Jessie like he was going to kiss him. There was no way that was happening and Jessie turned his head. Simon’s lips followed and Jessie turned the other way. Simon reached up and cupped his cheek holding his head steady. Now one of his arms was free and he tried to twist the man’s skin on his side, except Simon was so muscled the skin was stretched taught and there was nothing to grab. So Jessie dug his fingers as hard as he could between Simon’s ribs.

“Stop that,” Simon ordered.

Jessie couldn’t believe the man wasn’t even flinching. Okay, maybe he was a little impressed.

“Do you really think I’d let you kiss me? I don’t even know you. And what I do know, I don’t like,” Jessie informed the conceited man.

Through whatever it was, Jessie could feel Simon’s determination. The man settled himself heavily on Jessie and put both of his hands on either side of Jessie’s head, holding him securely. Jessie couldn’t catch his breath he was so afraid.

“One kiss, then I’ll let you go,” Simon said.

“Are you telling the truth? You just want a kiss and I’m free?” Jessie’s heart was pounding so hard it was banging against his ribcage.

“I am not a liar,” Simon stated, looking down his straight nose at Jessie.

“Fine, you’re not a liar. Let’s get this kiss over with,” Jessie said. He had had enough of the big-headed man.

Simon lowered his head and surprisingly warm lips covered his. Despite still thinking the man was an utter ass, Jessie was pulled into the kiss. Simon deepened it and Jessie responded, putting his arms around his back, hands caressing hard muscles.

Jessie became lost in the amazing kiss and slid his tongue into Simon’s mouth, wanting a taste. Their tongues came together and the kiss changed. Jessie opened his eyes and a steely, determined gaze was looking back at him. Before he could pull away, Simon’s hands tightened on his head and Jessie’s tongue was pushed against the side of Simon’s teeth. Jessie felt a sharp pain and realized one of Simon’s teeth had cut his tongue. Jessie was confused and tried to push Simon away.

Jessie lost the ability to take in air and something grabbed ahold of his heart. Panicking, he tried to plead with his eyes, but there was no mercy in Simon’s green depths. Jessie’s heart stopped beating. Terror encased him, and then whatever gripped his heart exploded outward, searing through his body, searching for something.

Frantically Jessie pulled his tongue back into his mouth, but his relief was short-lived when Simon’s tongue followed, barging in. No matter how hard he tried, Jessie couldn’t take any air into his lungs and black spots danced before his eyes.

In a last ditch effort to be free, Jessie bit deeply into Simon’s tongue. Pulling his teeth out of Simon’s flesh, he expected the ass to jerk away. Instead Simon wrapped his tongue around Jessie’s.

In his mind’s eye, Jessie could see the blood from their tongues swirling around and mixing together. Then Simon moved his tongue to the back of Jessie’s mouth and he unwillingly swallowed some of the warm mixture.

Instead of feeling nauseous, the blood surged through Jessie’s system, making lights dance behind eyelids that he hadn’t realized he had closed. His skin started buzzing and nerve endings came to life.

Simon withdrew his tongue and Jessie heard him swallow. Jessie opened his eyes, but only blindingly bright light greeted him. The air around them snapped with static electricity and tiny pricks ran over his body. Confused and afraid, Jessie let Simon pull him closer into his arms. Seeking comfort, he instinctively buried his head into Simon’s neck and breathed in the man’s essence. Immediately calm rushed over him and the rest of the world faded away.

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