Saturday, December 13, 2014

Saturday is here and I've finally finished decorating the Christmas tree. Now to turn my attention to baking cookies. I'm posting a little longer section of The Arrogant Representative.
Tomorrow I'll post the last of the section and then Monday starts the Blog Hop.
Section #3:

Over the last two hundred or so years, the concerns about the suffering cat population were brought to a head when the women started disappearing. Most would receive their bracelet and try for a child the first time, but then they never returned. The cat council had some theories about who was helping them disappear, but nothing could be proven.

      Hoping to demonstrate that the cat council members heard and understood how outraged modern women felt about the week forced upon them with a stranger, last year the cat council passed a new decree. It stated, after the first time a cat shifter fulfilled their duty, they only had to return to the council if they wanted to. Instead websites and get-togethers were created around the country for shifters to meet and talk to other non-mated shifters. Everyone hoped this was a better solution to help cat shifters find their mates.

Slowly the woman regained consciousness and Simon’s assistant Barnabas helped the lioness up and escorted her to an appointed room. After she rested from the effects of the magic, she would go down to the dining room and share a meal with her partner for the week. Once in a great while the chosen partners found they were incompatible.   If this happened new partners would be introduced.
Simon was well-known throughout the shifter world for his conceit and most assumed he was too superior to help anyone after a ritual. But what they didn’t know, was while he may be the epitome of arrogance, his body wasn’t truly capable of helping anyone after performing magic. Simon would will himself to stand there until they left the room, and then he would stagger to his luxurious cream-and-gold suite attached to the office and collapse for a few hours. The larger the ritual, the longer it took for him to regain his strength.

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