Friday, December 12, 2014

Happy Friday! I'm going to keep posting the beginning of The Arrogant Representative over the next couple of days. Then on Monday the Holiday Blog Hop begins. Prizes will be given!

Here is post #2

He stepped back when her body arched up into the air, freezing in a tense, awkward pose. The moment broke and she jerked sideways, collapsing onto the soft white rug that all the rituals were performed on. Now around her wrist was a thick black metal bracelet that would allow her the chance to have a child with another shifter of the council’s choosing.
If a cat shifter reached their five hundredth year and hadn’t found their mate, they were required to come before their breed council representative. The bracelet ritual was performed and a partner was chosen for them. The two shifters then would spend the week together, trying to create a child. This wasn’t something new or sprung on them. The ritual had been going on for almost a thousand years and every cat was raised knowing it was their duty to try and keep their ever dwindling race going

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