Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Part 1 of 2

Its Hump Day!!

Paulie's Protector-The Men of the Crazy Angle Ranch 4 is out August 7th. It is available for pre-sale at Siren Publishing in right now. I thought I would put part of a scene on the blog today and then rest of the scene tomorrow.

Nolan parked the four-wheeler in front of the shop. For many years he had been happier to be alone than have to be around people. Talking sometimes took everything out of him. Now he may not be the most talkative person around, but he had found since meeting Paulie, that things had become easier. He absolutely loved going to the shop in the morning with Paulie’s strong arms wrapped around his waist. Paulie might not be as big as Nolan, but he was no skinny twink. He had lean muscles that Nolan was sure were going to fill out even more with Elliot’s good cooking and working with Nolan.
A streak of gray raced past Nolan and flew through the air, landing squarely on Paulie’s chest. Soon Paulie had a squirming, purring ball of a tiger kitten riding one shoulder. Molly was one of the barn kittens and had taken one look at Paulie and decided he was hers forever. When she spotted Paulie, nothing could persuade her to leave him alone.What are we working on today, Nolan,” Paulie asked. Gently he set the kitten on the floor on the inside of the shed. She immediately started rubbing up against the legs of his dark gray coveralls.
“I want to get that truck finished today. I think one of the engine coils needs replacing.” Nolan walked over to the truck in question. It was one of the ranch’s trucks, dark blue with, “The Crazy Angle Ranch,” painted on the side front doors.
Currently its front tires were sitting up on top of ramps, so Nolan could easily slide under the front end of the vehicle and work on the underside of its engine. Paulie went over next to the vehicle and started to go through a tray of parts that Nolan had assembled to repair the truck.
Nolan went around the front of the truck to get the car creeper out. He stored the handy device under the truck to keep it out of the way and to prevent anyone from accidently stepping on it. Someone could take a nasty spill if they didn’t see the plastic board with its four rolling wheels. When Nolan laid on it, he easily rolled under whatever vehicle he was working on and when he was finished he just as easily rolled back out.
Usually he used his foot to slide the creeper out, but somehow it had gone further under the truck than his foot could reach. Putting his hand on the truck’s bumper he leaned on it as he extended his other hand under the truck. Nolan had just managed to touch the creeper, when there was a loud crack.
Instinctively Nolan threw himself away from the truck as it slammed down to the floor. Unfortunately the sharp metal edge of the bumper scraped along the top of his arm, down to his wrist and over the top of his hand, taking skin with it. Nolan hit the hard concrete floor, the impact knocking all the air out of his lungs.
“Nolan,” Paulie screamed.

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