Thursday, July 31, 2014

Part 2 of 2

Good Morning!

Part 2 of 2. I know its short, but the book comes out a week from today. Enjoy.
Nolan looked up to a panicking Paulie, kneeling next to him, concern etched on his face. “Breathe Nolan. Come on, you need to breathe,” Paulie pleaded
Nolan painfully pulled in a small breath of air. A couple of more nasty tries and he was able to breathe somewhat normally.
"Oh shit, your hand.” Paulie jumped up, raced across the room and grabbed some clean rags out of the rag box. He was back and wrapping the rags tightly around Nolan’s arm and hand before Nolan could even look at it.
Paulie sat on the floor next to him, with his hands tightly wrapped around the rags. Nolan could see that blood was slowly turning the white rags red along the top of his arm.
“Paulie, you need to get me back to the house.” The adrenaline was going to run out soon and when that happened, Nolan knew he was going to be in a world of pain.
Paulie didn’t hesitate, carefully keeping the rags around Nolan’s hand and arm, he helped Nolan to his feet and together they left the shed. Nolan climbed on the four-wheeler and Paulie slid in front of him. With efficient movements Paulie had the machine started and carefully made his way to the main house.
Neither man saw the cowboy standing just inside of the door of the grainary across the road, wearing a look of triumph at a job well done. He could almost touch all that money he was going to receive for getting Nolan out of the way. Picking up the hacksaw he’d used to cut the metal of the car ramp, he didn’t see the man come up behind him and knock him over the head with the handle of a shovel.

Back in the machine shed, Molly the kitten continued to stalk the mouse that was hiding in between a couple discarded tires in the corner. Movement and a slight sound drew her eyes to the other side of the vast room. Her back instinctively arched and all of her hair stood up straight as she hissed at the shadow of danger peering out of the darkened corner. With a flick of her tail, she ran out of the shed

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