Friday, July 25, 2014

Its Friday and the weekend is almost here!

On Monday, The men of the Crazy Angle Ranch 4 - Paulie's Protector should be up for pre-sale at Siren Publishing.
Small Snippet:
“I’d like you all to welcome Paulie,” Graham said, changing the subject. “He is recovering from an accident, but soon he will be assisting Nolan with the machinery.”
Everyone greeted Paulie with a “hi” or nod. Then they all went back to eating Elliot’s delicious meal. Paulie finished the milk and most of the food on his plate, surprised by how hungry he was. But before long, he began to feel uncomfortable and tired.
Glancing at Nolan, he saw that the big man was watching him. “Are you ready to go back to your room, Paulie?” he asked.
Paulie nodded, realizing he had overdone it. Nolan stood up and warm gentle hands helped Paulie to his feet.
“Do you need my help, Paulie?” Elliot asked.
“I’ve got him,” Nolan answered.
Nolan put a welcome arm around Paulie’s waist. Gratefully, he leaned on the big man, and together they had him back in his room and in bed.
As Paulie relaxed, he looked up into Nolan’s beautiful green eyes. “Sit by me a second?” he asked.
Nolan smiled and sat on the bed, in the space Paulie had made for him. To Paulie’s delight, the side of Nolan’s hip rested snuggly against Paulie’s. Nolan put his hand on the other side of Paulie’s body and leaned over him.
“Do you need a pain pill, Paulie?” Nolan asked.
“In a little bit. Thank you for helping me and eating in here with me all week.” Paulie searched Nolan’s face, hoping to see understanding. He was very attracted to the big man, but he still had a stalker out there hunting him. As usual, Nolan never let him down.
“I want to help you, and I also will protect you.”
“Why?” Paulie had to know.
Nolan put his arm around Paulie’s shoulders and one large hand cupped the back of his head. Nolan pulled him close, and right before their lips met, he answered, “Because.”
As Nolan’s lips covered his and sealed their mouths together, his hand guided Paulie’s head to just the right angle so everything fit just right. Touching his tongue to the corner of Nolan’s mouth, Paulie asked for a taste of Nolan’s essence. Nolan let him in and he explored the big man’s mouth, sliding their tongues together.
Nolan took over the kiss, pressing Paulie back into the soft pillows. Paulie became lost in the kiss, submitting to Nolan’s teeth and tongue. When Nolan started sucking on his lower lip, Paulie almost came in his sweats.
Much to Paulie’s displeasure, Nolan broke the kiss. He wanted it to go on until they were both naked, not even air fitting between them.
“We have to stop, Paulie,” Nolan whispered.
Even though Nolan was rubbing the sides of their noses and faces together in comfort, Paulie frowned, still not happy he had stopped.
“Paulie, if we continue, we might tear your stitches. I don’t want to hurt you.”
Paulie looked into Nolan’s face and saw he really was concerned that he might injure Paulie. And now that he was starting to calm down, he could feel his injuries starting to flare up and just plain sting.
Nolan pulled away until he was back sitting upright. Reaching over to the nightstand, he picked up and opened the bottle of pain pills. Shaking a couple of pills onto Paulie’s hand, he then handed him the glass of water that Elliot always made sure was waiting for him.
“Once I’m better, I’m not going to let you stop,” Paulie warned.
“If you still feel that way once you’re healed, I won’t stop,” Nolan answered.
Paulie had been a little irritated when Nolan had ended their kiss. Now he was getting really irritated by Nolan’s attitude.
Let’s get something straight right now. I am not a boy, I’m a grown man,” Paulie said. “Before that maniac started stalking me, I worked, had my own apartment, and I dated.”
Paulie was really started to get worked up now. “I know what I want, Nolan Clark. We’ve spent the last week talking about anything and everything. I know I might have to leave, if he finds me again, but I still want to spend what time I have with you.”
Before he could say anything more, Nolan leaned forward and locked their lips together. Nolan kissed him deeply, until Paulie forgot what he was getting pissed about. Then Nolan slowly backed away and looked into his eyes, his face dead serious.
You aren’t going to run anymore. I promised to protect you and together, me and the guys of the Crazy Angle won’t let anything happen to you.”
Right then, a bullet plowed through the bedroom window and shattered the mirror above the dresser.

This should be out for Pre-sale Monday. I will keep you posted. Have a wonderful weekend.



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