Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hello Thursday!

I just received word that Siren Publishing has accepted Rescue for Hire #6. Release set for October sometime. Date subject to change.
Some of you may have noticed Never Too Old To Live Again was set for September 11th, but now has been pushed up to September 8th.
I have been receiving word from wonderful readers asking what the heck is going on with my books.
Too be honest, I did not  have a clear picture myself. I'm still pretty new at this.
So, to explain a little. Here goes.
Rescue for Hire #1 - 5 is the original five members.
Rescue for Hire #6 - ? is the stories of the new members joining the company.
Rescue for Hire #6 will also include an epilogue that is introducing a new spinoff series.
The Men of the Crazy Angle Ranch #1- ? is a spinoff series of Rescue for Hire
Lubirea Mai - is stand alone paranormal stories

Those are my series so far. The next couple of months are going to be fascinating.

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