Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tuesday is here!

Today I toured my cousin's Belgian horse farm. Belgian horses are HUGE draft horses and I am going to put them into a book I'm working on. So much fun visiting family.

Back to my story. I wrote Book#1, submitted it and it was accepted to be published. I received the contract, signed and returned. Then I completed the cover questionnaire. Shortly after that I received the finished cover. Suddenly it became very real. In the background of the first cover, it looks just like a section of my other half's beloved river. I was pleased.

While this was all happening I was working on Book #2. Over all that book went rather fast. I sent it in less than 2 weeks after the first book was accepted. On to Book #3. That book took a little more work. The main character is very cocky, doesn't care what anyone thinks and took some pondering on how someone could catch and keep him as their one and only. Book #3 turned out to be my favorite. Then I received the great cover for Book #2. Things are going good.

Sent Book #3 in and it was accepted. Sent in the cover questionnaire and waited. Book #3's cover came back and I hated it.

More later

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